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Version history for Task Coach

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Changes for v1.4.5 - v1.4.6

  • Bug fixed:- Workaround for an underlying wxPython limitation we ran into. After some time Task Coach would exhibit various symptoms because of an exception in the event loop.

Changes for v1.4.3 - v1.4.4

  • Bugs fixed: •TaskCoach would not start on Fedora 23 using LXDE. This probably concerns other distributions as well.
  • •Reminders would fire randomly or not at all.
  • Features added: •Per-task effort total time consolidation, patch provided by
  • •Add a viewer for task dependencies based on igraph (contributed by Matthias Tafelmeier). Not available on all platforms.
  • Dependency changed: •Task Coach now uses Mercurial for version control. This only affects you if you want to develop or use Task Coach source code.

Changes for v1.4.2 - v1.4.3

  • This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fix excessive CPU usage on Linux when smart filesystem monitoring is enabled.
  • Fix attachment opening on some Linux distros. (1613)
  • Features added:
  • Finnish translation fixed and enabled.
  • The shortcut to delete tasks is now Ctrl+DEL instead of just DEL.

Changes for v1.4.1 - v1.4.2

  • Bugs fixed: •Also avoid locking in an ownCloud folder.
  • •Avoid a crash when files with badly encoded names are in the same directory as the task file.
  • •Avoid data loss in some rare situations

Changes for v1.4.0 - v1.4.1

  • This is a bugfix release.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Increase taskbar icon size on Linux to avoid dead places. (1536)
  • Display time spent in decimal format in task viewer if the option is set. (1534)
  • Fix todo.txt export when dates have a year < 1900 (1541)
  • Avoid locking in Dropbox folder on Windows. (1540)
  • Backup and save would fail if the path to the user's home contained a non-ASCII character (1547, 1546)
  • Fix stop effort tooltip. (1537)

Changes for v1.3.41 - v1.4.0

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fix tooltips on notes. (1525)
  • Fix sort order indication in viewer columns. (1527)
  • Don't crash at startup if the locale is not supported. (1528)
  • Features added:
  • A task file can now be open by several instances of Task Coach, allowing several users to work on the same file. (
  • Backups are now always enabled.

Changes for v1.3.35 - v1.3.37

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a crash at startup on Lucid. (1496)
  • Behave like regular OS X apps with regards to minimization and foreground behavior. (1500)
  • Fix idle time notification. (1503)
  • Features added:
  • Add an option to render efforts in decimal (patch from Tom Monaco). (
  • Improved import/export of Todo.txt
  • Custom attributes for mailing tasks/categories/etc (
  • Dependency changed:
  • Task Coach now depends on Twisted.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Prerequisites modification would not work. (1480, 1486, 1495)
  • LC_TIME would not be honored if set independently (1483)
  • Disable translations that are not at least 90% complete.
  • Do something a little more intuitive when editing efforts in aggregated mode. (1485)
  • Fix a resource leak on Windows. (1488)
  • Fix a crash on Mint when synchronizing with an iPhone if the password is not set. (1487)
  • Show and bring minimized window to front on simple click in the dock (OS X) (1490)
  • Disable dock icon ticking on Mavericks. (1489)
  • Fix line ending problem when importing from CSV on Mac/Linux (1493)
  • Delete .txt files as well when overwriting a task file. (1274)

Changes for v1.3.34 - v1.3.35

  • The task editor would not open if the user's date format didn't include the year.
  • Unsetting an exclusive category or its parent would not work. (1475)
  • Remove file:// URL scheme from filenames dropped from Nautilus.
  • When exporting tasks to HTML or CSV, sort notes alphabetically. (1477)
  • Sending a task by e-mail would not work on XFCE 4.10.
  • Fix AttributeError problem (1479)

Changes for v1.3.33 - v1.3.34

  • Bugs fixed: •Silence the AttributeError problem in PyPubSub. (1456)
  • Fix some problems when saving the task file to a Dropbox folder.
  • Performance improvement when reading the task file.
  • Split date and time when exporting efforts to CSV. (1472)

Changes for v1.3.32 - v1.3.33

  • Bugs fixed: •Fix budget entry. (1458)
  • The search controls would not remember the previous search string on launch, but the view would be filtered anyway.
  • Fix date picker on locales that have non-ASCII month/day abbreviations. (1463)
  • Fix position of text in subject entry on Windows. (1464)
  • When automatic import and export to ToDo.txt is enabled, one could not delete tasks or change some task dates (1446)

Changes for v1.3.31 - v1.3.32

  • Bugs fixed: •Don't prevent shutdown on Windows if the minimize on close option is set.
  • Prevent a PyGTK warning on recent Linux distributions. (1435)
  • Fix main toolbar shrinking when resizing a viewer. (1431)
  • Improve performance when tracking effort. (1442)
  • Prevent TypeError in date selection widget. (1445)
  • Fix initial tab when creating new items
  • Fix undo/redo in text controls on OS X. (1436)
  • Fix loss of description edits when closing/quitting while editors are still open. (1437)
  • Fix strange Escape behavior on multiple open editors on OS X. (1438)
  • Fix German translation. (1448)
  • "New note with selected categories" would create a new category. (1447)
  • Fix search issue when editing the toolbar. (1449)
  • Fix note creation in editor windows. (1451)
  • Fix opening preferences dialog when the end of work day is set to 24.

Changes for v1.3.30 - v1.3.31

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fix crash at startup on Ubuntu 13 if python-apscheduler is installed. (1428)
  • Use the "Suggests" mechanism instead of "Recommends" for the Debian package (python-kde4). (1430)
  • Handle short date formats with weekday
  • When adding a viewer, the main toolbar would shrink. (1431)
  • Fix an error when the user types a numeric value in the AM/PM field of the date/time picker. (1425)
  • Don't open floating viewers on the top-left corner of the screen (1432, 1349)
  • Add a hint that the task file needs to be saved in the main window title.

Changes for v1.3.28 - v1.3.29

  • Bugs fixed: •Fix password entry on Windows. (1410)
  • Fix category filter menu on Windows 7 (1281)
  • Feature added: •Display a few days of previous and next month in the calendar popup.

Changes for v1.3.27 - v1.3.28

  • This is a bugfix release.
  • Bugs fixed: •Fix a console warning on Ubuntu 64 bits. (1393)
  • •Fix task selection through keyboard in effort editor (MS Windows and GTK). (1400)
  • •Fix editing of effort start in the effort dialog. (1399)
  • •Fix timezone-related display bug that would prevent the task editor from opening on OS X. (1395)
  • •Use presets for tasks created through mail DnD. (1403)
  • •Fix loading of categories for notes belonging to a subtask, and other such imbrications. (1404)
  • •Fix preferences opening when end of work day is set to 24. (1394)

Changes for v1.3.26 - v1.3.27

  • Bugs fixed: •Follow system preferences to format dates (instead of just times). (1386)
  • Fix date rendering on some versions of OSX. (1391)

Changes for v1.3.24 - v1.3.26

  • This is a bugfix release.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Exporting efforts in CSV with the 'Period' column and date/time splitting would not work. (1387)
  • Task Coach would not launch on OS X 10.6 and later.
  • Release 1.3.25 March 5, 2013
  • This is a mixed bugfix and feature release.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fix fonts in calendar viewer. (1370)
  • Fix cutting attachments.
  • Fix focus on category viewer in task editor. (1382)
  • Fix keyboard navigation in the editor's tabs. (1216)
  • Make the effort stop menu a bit more contextual. (1381)
  • Fix effort stop button interaction with undo. (1381)
  • Fix flickering on Windows 7 when Aero is enabled. (1384)
  • Fix opening of the task editor and preferences on some locales. (1360)
  • Sorting by modification or creation date/time didn't work. (1380)
  • Fix checkbox focus hint on Windows (in the date picker). (1372)
  • Use system settings for date and time formatting on OSX.
  • Use system settings for date and time formatting on KDE4. (1386)
  • Save templates to program directory for Task Coach Portable.
  • Features added:
  • Getting the subject from on drag and drop is now optional (takes too long).
  • Focus subject field when opening the task editor on Linux. This is configurable. (1263)

Changes for v1.3.23 - v1.3.24

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Clicking in the hour choice popup in the date/time picker would select the wrong value. (1377)
  • Task Coach now follows the XDG specification for configuration and data (template) files on Linux. (367)
  • Fix menu "Stop tracking multiple tasks" menu (1366)
  • Fix focus issue in date picker. (1368)
  • Fix discrepancy in due date time precision (1253)
  • Fix multiple effort notices when idle. (1365)
  • Fix font issue with calendar viewer. (1370)
  • Fix "NoneType object is not callable" problem. (1371)
  • Prevent reminder dialogs and editors from stealing focus. (956)
  • Add a visual hint that the checkbox has focus in the date picker. (1372)
  • Fix opening of editor dialog on some locales (1360, 1375)
  • Fix idle notifications. (1365)
  • Sort case insensitive in the toggle category menu. (1369)
  • Fix the N shortcut in datetime picker. (1378)
  • Features added:
  • The "notes" and "attachments" columns can now be exported to HTML and CSV.
  • Store the IMAP passwords in the user's keychain.
  • The default icon for completed tasks is now the green checkmark.

Changes for v1.3.22 - v1.3.23

  • Bugs fixed:Some navigation shortcuts in the date/time picker would not work on Windows or Linux. (1340)
  • Typing would not do anything on Windows in the date/time picker if the calendar is shown. (1340)
  • The calendar popup from the date/time picker would not show all days. (1340)
  • Task Coach would fail to start when the user had selected an empty bitmap for one of the task statuses.
  • Non-ASCII characters would display wrong in the calendar popup on OS X.
  • Start/end of day choice in preferences now follow the user's format preferences. (1331)
  • Resizing the toolbar would truncate it. (1341)
  • Try to fetch message subject. (1342, 1003)
  • Don't let the user pick columns that cannot be exported
  • When cancelling application shutdown, the window would close nonetheless. (1346)
  • The calendar popup in the date picker would not use the first week day setting. (1348)
  • Disable hide all filters when in tree mode and the only filter is "hide composite tasks". (1351)
  • The task editor would not open on Windows if the user's short date format used abbreviated or full month name. (1338)
  • Increase timer value for the date picker. (1354)
  • Backspace/delete removes the last digit in the date picker. (1354)
  • Fix Shift-S and Shift-E shortcuts in date picker on Linux. (1358)
  • Fix overlay in toolbar icons. (1356)
  • Use system default GUI font in date picker. (1361)
  • Add shortcuts for AM/PM in date picker. (1362)
  • Escape now dismisses calendar popup in date picker. (1362)
  • Fix crash when a task status icon has been set to "No icon". (1364)
  • Fix refreshing of spent time in effort viewer (1363)
  • Features added:Add a modification date attribute to tasks, notes, attachments, and categories. (
  • Hitting Ctrl+V (or Cmd+V on OS X) while the date or time picker has focus will try to interpret the clipboard's content. Ctrl+C stores the current value in the clipboard. (1352)
  • Dependency changed:Task Coach now needs Python 2.7.

Changes for v1.3.21 - v1.3.22

  • Bug fixed: •The task editor would not open after some time on Windows and OS X. (1338)

Changes for v1.3.20 - v1.3.21

  • This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Changing the percentage complete would not cause the calendar viewer to refresh.
  • On Mac OS X, clicking the period column in effort viewers to change the sort order didn't work.
  • Adapt font size to available space in calendar view. (1309)
  • Using Shift+Enter key on the number keypad would not work on Mac OS X nor Linux. (1285)
  • Search defaults to simple substring matching. (1286)
  • Growl notifications didn't work with Growl 2.0. (1324)
  • Fix another encoding problem on some locales (Windows). (1310, 1321)
  • Performance improvement in the edit dialogs. (991)
  • Fix icon size in Unity. (1329)
  • Fix docking of floating viewers on Windows.
  • When toggling the category of multiple items, not all of which are in the selected category, don't remove the items from the category that already belonged to that category. (1271)
  • Toolbar icons to show/hide tasks according to status now respect appearance settings, and are overlayed with a red cross. (1104, 1323)
  • New date/time picker should fix most existing problems with the old one. (702, 1089, 1212, 1266, 1233)
  • Fix wording for task statuses. (1333)
  • Features added:
  • New, hopefully more intuitive date/time control.
  • Display dates in human-readable form in viewers (today, yesterday, tomorrow).
  • Startup and shutdown performance improvements.
  • Autosave is now on by default.
  • Support for Growl on Windows.
  • Toolbars are now customizable.
  • Add a creation date attribute to tasks, notes, attachments, and categories. (
  • Shift+Click on a filter button in the toolbar shows only the corresponding task status

Changes for v1.3.19 - v1.3.20

  • Bugs fixed: •Fix an encoding problem on Windows non-European locales (1306)
  • On Linux, Ctrl-Z in a text control would always remove the whole contents of the text control instead of undoing the recent changes. (1267)
  • When adding a new item, always start the edit dialog with the description tab raised and focus on the item subject. (1263)
  • Editing templates would not work.
  • The effort dialog wouldn't function properly when the time format contained dots, like in Italian. (1307)
  • Moving efforts between tasks would sometimes trigger an exception, resulting in lost efforts. (1203)
  • When there are multiple reminders and speech is on, don't say all the reminders simultaneously, but one at a time. (1313)

Changes for v1.3.18 - v1.3.19

  • Bugs fixed: •Format times in the calendar view according to the user's preferences. (3563441)
  • Do not automatically give focus to the subject field in the task editor on Linux (it overwrites the X clipboard). (3539452)
  • After loading a task file, tasks would not become due soon on time. (3562925)
  • On OS X, the first entry in an editor page would not be automatically selected. (3562922)
  • On Linux, drag and drop of email messages from Evolution didn't work. (3562808)
  • With autosaving on, Task Coach would actually save too often. (3562836)
  • On Ubuntu, a file was missing causing Task Coach not to start. (3562695)
  • On Ubuntu, the native text control doesn't support undo and redo, added a home grown version. (3563376)
  • Don't silently adjust dates of parent and child tasks. See also the changed feature below. (3561465, 3564794)
  • Remember whether the "make this snooze time the default snooze time for future reminders" check box was checked in the reminder dialog. (3567139)
  • The task viewer would not refresh at midnight.
  • On Windows with some locale settings, Task Coach would crash trying to render dates. (1306)
  • Features added: •In addition to specifying a maximum number of recurrences, it is now also possible to specify an end date for recurrence. If both an end date and a maximum number of recurrences are specified, recurrence stops when the first of both conditions is met.
  • Put a link to our IndieGoGo campaign on the toolbar of the main window. The link will disappear when the campaign is over.
  • Features changed: •Task Coach no longer enforces that the dates of child tasks lie between the dates of its parent task. Previously, if the start date of a child task would be made earlier than the start date of its parent task, Task Coach would silently make the start of the parent task equal to the start date of the child task. The same for the due date: setting the due date of the parent task earlier than the due date of a child task would silently change the due date of the child tasks if their due date would otherwise become later than the due date of the parent task. When viewing tasks in the task tree viewer, collapsing a task with child tasks will show recursive dates when relevant. This means that the planned start date column will show the earliest start date of the task itself and all of its child tasks. If the earliest start date is the start date of one of the child tasks, the date will be shown between brackets. Likewise, the actual start date column will show the earliest actual start date of the task and all of its child tasks. The due date column and the completion date column will show the latest date of the parent and child tasks combined. When sorting on a date column, the recursive value is used for sorting. So when sorting ascending by due date a parent task without due date but with a child task due today will sort before a task that is due tomorrow. This change makes the date behavior consistent with priorities and other attributes.
  • •New viewers will open floating so that is easier to put them in the position you want. Hopefully this will also make it more obvious for new users that viewers can be reordered any way they like since moving a floating viewer will show the docking guides.
  • Clicking outside an inplace editor now accepts the changes instead of discarding them.
  • On Windows, both left clicking and left double clicking the Task Coach icon in the notification area (often called the system tray) will raise or minimize the main window (in accordance with (

Changes for v1.3.17 - v1.3.18

  • Team change: •We're happy to announce that Aaron Wolf joined the Task Coach team. Aaron is already doing a great job scrutinizing the large number of feature requests we have open on In addition, he is helping us testing Task Coach and ironing out as many bugs as we can, see the first results below. Furthermore, he is planning to develop an in-app tutorial for Task Coach so we're glad to have him on board. Welcome, Aaron!
  • Bugs fixed: •Get rid of the infamous "AttributeError: __onDead" error (3546400)
  • Do not automatically give focus to the subject field in the task editor on Linux (it overwrites the X clipboard). (3539452)
  • On Mac OS X, the window would shrink at each launch. Tested on 10.5, 10.7 and 10.8DP4.
  • Do not singularize user-set icons. (3539824)
  • Disable spell checking on Mountain Lion because it makes Task Coach crash. (3554534)
  • Fix opening URLs from the Help menu on KDE4. (3542487)
  • Fix the About dialog on Kubuntu. (3542487)
  • Reminders sometimes wouldn't fire. (3554603)
  • On Mac OS X, idle time notifications would not work. (3554603)
  • On Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and earlier, the system would ask the user to allow Task coach use a port (firewall) or the keychain on every launch. (3556753)
  • On Mac OS X, the search options menu wouldn't work. (3558511)
  • When the language is set to English/US, use 12 hour clock in task and effort dialogs instead of 24 hour clock.
  • Don't reset the edit dialog layout for editing single items after editing multiple items at the same time. (3559292)
  • When changing the "Mark task completed when all children are completed?"-setting in the "Progress" tab of the task edit dialog, Task Coach would set the percentage complete slider in the "Progress" tab to the recursive percentage complete while the slider is meant to only display and change the percentage complete of the task itself. (3559740)
  • When a task with subtasks does not override the global setting for marking a task completed when all of its subtasks are completed, actually use that setting when displaying the percentage complete of the parent task in the task viewer. (3559740)
  • The settings for the viewers in the edit dialogs (such as the visible columns in the effort tab and the notes tab) wouldn't be consistently applied to each edit dialog. (3559057)
  • On Mac OS X, the button in the effort edit dialog for dropping down the tree of tasks didn't work. (3560296)
  • Make recurrence label in the task edit dialog clearer. (3560420)
  • Make the description of the "idle time notice" setting in the preferences clearer. (3555498)
  • Make the description of the "minutes between suggested times" setting in the preferences clearer. (3556765)
  • The combobox for selecting the snooze time in the reminder dialog was not read only. This suggested that one could type in custom snooze times while that is not supported (yet). (3560416)
  • The "Filter on all checked categories/Filter on any checked category" option was only available via the toolbar of the category viewer. Due to the width of the option, it could be difficult to access. The option is now also available as menu item in the View->Filter menu. (3554627)
  • When the budget left is negative, the budget left field in the task edit dialog would not show a minus sign. (3554616)
  • On Mac OS X, the tip of the day window would block the dialog for unlocking a locked task file. (3561499)
  • When saving selected tasks, not only include the categories the selected tasks belong to, but also the parent categories of the used categories, even though they may not have been used themselves. (3561159)
  • When creating a new item, set focus to the subject field so that the description tab is raised if needed. (3561515)
  • On Mac OS X, dropping of URLs without a protocol specification ('http:', 'https:', 'ftp:', etc.) would result in attachments that couldn't be opened. (3561889)
  • On Linux, dropping of URLs didn't work. (3561889)
  • The order of tabs in edit dialogs wouldn't be restored correctly after it had been changed by the user. (3562239)
  • Save size, position and maximization state of dialogs separately for single-item and multi-item dialogs. (3562239)
  • Features added: •Increase font size in the calendar view's header. (3558650)
  • In the calendar view, unplanned dates are now cropped to the current day.
  • Add support for Thunderbird IMAP accounts that use NTLM authentication (typically Exchange accounts).
  • When starting up, Task Coach checks for messages from the Task Coach developers. This allows us to reach all users for e.g. notifications on critical bugs or requests for support. Each message is displayed only once and the display of messages can be turned off completely. This feature will be used sparingly, of course.
  • Added almost complete Belarusian translation thanks to Korney San.
  • Allow for changing the font used in the description field of edit dialogs. The font can be changed in the editor tab of the preferences dialog. Patch supplied by Nicola Chiapolini.
  • Feature changed: •When a task has no due date, instead of displaying "Infinite" for the time left in the task viewer, Task Coach now displays blank space.

Changes for v1.3.16 - v1.3.17

  • Use the user-specified time format on Windows. (3530080)
  • In the effort viewer, when calculating total effort for tasks in a certain period, one effort would be skipped. (3537707)
  • When tracking effort for one task, don't show "Stop tracking multiple tasks" as the menu label for the "Stop tracking" menu item in the action menu. (3536577)
  • On Windows, use a more recent Python27.dll to satisfy Secunia PSI. (3539139)
  • Loading a big task file is now much faster.
  • The calendar view would not react to changes to tasks. (3539402)

Changes for v1.3.15 - v1.3.16

  • Bugs fixed: •Fix a crash during iPhone synchronization if a category associated with a modified task has been deleted on the desktop.
  • The stop/resume effort tracking button on the toolbar wasn't working correctly. (3529025)
  • When tracking effort, the time spent in the effort viewer was not always updated.

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