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Version history for Ultra Defrag Micro (64bit Intel Itanium) (Portable)

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Changes for v4.3.0 - v4.4.0

  • history of typed commands added to the boot time interactive mode; navigation is possible by arrow keys, 'history' command can be used to list all typed commands
  • call, man and type commands added to the boot time shell
  • echo, exit, pause and set commands of the boot time shell improved
  • clearing of the failed boot flag added for reboot and shutdown at boot time
  • pending boot-off boot time script command support added, this removes the limitation of boot-on/off not working before reboot/shutdown
  • interactive mode at boot time now displays help split into pages
  • escape key handling added to break the boot time script execution
  • boot time commands parsing was rewritten to increase reliability and flexibility of the boot time shell
  • corrected cluttered progress display if console output was redirected
  • optimized timeout for waiting for a keyboard event in boot time interface
  • the following translations were updated: Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional)
  • FAT formatted volumes are displayed in GUI now as FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 instead of less informative FAT/FAT32
  • winx_heap_alloc replaced by winx_heap_alloc_ex to allow specifying flags
  • winx_heap_alloc_zero added to allow allocating memory initialized with zero
  • winx_ftw, winx_scan_disk, winx_fsize, winx_kb_read, winx_xtime, winx_prompt_ex, winx_get_file_contents, winx_release_file_contents, winx_wcsistr, winx_print_array_of_strings, winx_get_volume_information, calls were added to zenwinx library
  • winx_fbopen call added to zenwinx library for buffered file i/o support
  • obsolete winx_get_volume_size and winx_get_filesystem_name calls were removed from zenwinx library; use more common winx_get_volume_information instead
  • one little bug in winx_kbhit, winx_breakhit functions was fixed
  • udefrag_get_vollist and udefrag_release_vollist calls were added to udefrag library; an obsolete udefrag_get_avail_volumes was removed

Changes for v4.2.0 - v4.3.0

  • GUI:
  • The ability to resize the main window has been added.
  • Text and controls are now scaled to the current DPI settings of the screen.
  • Cluster map customization is possible now through guiopts.lua configuration file editing.
  • Update check was added.
  • Driver:
  • One little bug preventing the root directory from being defragmented fixed.
  • Few bugs preventing the correct MFT displaying were fixed.
  • Driver was improved to better distinguish between free space and MFT zone.
  • One little bug preventing displaying system files in green color on NTFS volumes was fixed.
  • Boot time interface:
  • Progress indication was improved.
  • Backspace and escape keys handling added to the interactive mode.
  • Few bugs were fixed.
  • Command line tool:
  • --wait option was added to make scheduled defragmentation more flexible.
  • --use-entire-window option was added.
  • Scheduler:
  • UltraDefrag Scheduler has been retired as a component less functional than standard Windows Task Scheduler; visit for tutorials on scheduling disk defragmentation tasks through Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Translations:
  • The following translations were updated: Czech, Finnish, Japanese, Spanish (AR), Portuguese (BR), Korean, Hungarian.

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