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Version history for UndercoverXP

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Changes for v1.22 - v1.23

  • Printing: Added support for Canon Pixma 4600 Tray G.
  • Translations Fixed unresolved translations of formats resulting in ???'s in format dropdown and Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: Fixed image layout gets corrupted after using the format editor.
  • Format Editor: sizes of trays were corrupted when using the Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: The selected format was not always shown when starting the Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: format description in configuration file was removed when using the Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: RECT keywords were removed when using the Format Editor.
  • User Interface: Filenames below preview in main window are now cut off at the end when too long.
  • User Interface: Fixed small transparency issues with Checkboxes and Buttons on Window Vista and 7.
  • Format Editor: configuration file is now only saved when actually changes are made when the OK button is used.
  • Format Editor: Finally added LINE and RECT editors.
  • Autodetect: Fixed correct detection and rotation of a CD Front + Inside.
  • User Interface: Added Paste from clipboard via menu, context menu and Ctrl-V shortcut.
  • Translations: updated the Russian, Greek and French translations.
  • Translations: Added Slovak translation.

Changes for v1.21 - v1.22

  • Translations: Translations of the formats are now also used in the Format Editor.
  • User Interface: Displaying of the preview for trays got broken for several skins.
  • Translations: Text below the preview indication no image loaded was not always translated correctly.
  • Skins: Added an option to draw an edge around the preview paper (for skins with light backgrounds of the main window).
  • Translations: Added Vietnamese translation.
  • Translations: Updated the Italian and Hungarian translations.
  • Format Editor: Manual changed values of positions were not saved.
  • Startup: Check for updates now uses the redirector instead of the direct link.

Changes for v1.20 - v1.21

  • Configuartion File: [] characters in file names of recently opened files broke the configuration file.
  • Skins: Removed the Santa skin.
  • User Interface: Context menu was empty if not translated.
  • Templates: Separated native slimline DVD and regular DVD printed as slimline formats.
  • Translations: Format names are now translatable (only Dutch, my native language, is completed for now).
  • Translations: Initial UI language is now set to the language of the OS.
  • Translations: Updated the Dutch and Czech translations.
  • General: Tested (succesfully) on Windows 7.

Changes for v1.19 - v1.20

  • Portability: Added a portable version to the Software section.
  • Translations: Updated the Russian translation.
  • Portability: Some (unneccessary) empty registry entries were still created.
  • Printing: Fixed a problem when "print on a single page" was checked but no second image was selected.
  • Skins: Added grayscale option for skins.
  • Skins: Added a "clean" skin, a Media skin and a Santa skin.
  • Skins: Added options to configure text, background and combobox colors for skins.
  • Online Help: Added (initial) Online Help.
  • User Interface: Added context menu to left and right preview windows for Load, Print, Rotate and New.
  • User Interface: Cosmetic changes for several dialogs.

Changes for v1.18 - v1.19

  • Configuration File: Settings were not always saved correctly.
  • Configuration File: duplicate entries (due to previous bugs) are now removed.
  • Configuration File: Last used folder was not always remembered correctly.

Changes for v1.17 - v1.18

  • Vista: Fixed UAC (User Account Control) problem resulting in Languages not being selectable, options not being saved, etc. From now on you can run UnderCoverXP on Vista logged in as a User or an Administrator, without the need to "Run As Administrator" and with UAC either enabled or disabled.
  • Translations: Updated the Finish and German translations.
  • Format Editor: Fixed unchecking of Remapping was not stored.
  • Printing: Fixed Auto Rotating in Batch Mode Printing.
  • Skins: Removed XMas Skin.
  • Skins: Fixed crash on corrupted skins.

Changes for v1.16 - v1.17

  • Printing: Fixed printing both images on one single page.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German and Japanese translations. Added Arabic translation.
  • Formats: Added Playstation Portable (PSP) format.

Changes for v1.15 - v1.16

  • Printing: Fixed printing of the second (right side) image.
  • Options: Fixed options were not always saved.

Changes for v1.14 - v1.15

  • Development environment: Moved to Visual Studio 2008 and MFC 9.0.
  • Printing: Added Media Type and Paper Source properties for all individual formats.
  • Formats: Added Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii formats.
  • Options: Added support for custom auto loading texts.
  • Skins: Added a good old skin from one of the previous versions: "R2000" and a "XMas Anime" skin.
  • Skins: Fixed a bug were the overlay part on the right preview was not drawn correctly.
  • General: Added an (optional) check for a new version at startup.
  • Application: UnderCoverXP is now fully portable: all settings are stored in a local configuration file (undercoverxp.cfg) instead of the Windows registry. Your current settings are imported the first time you run the new version.

Changes for v1.13 - v1.14

  • Printing: Fixed a bug in forcing CD-R tray even when no tray format was specified or even when no tray printer is connected.
  • Configuration file: Detecting if no configuration file available instead of crashing.
  • Skins: Fixed crash when previous selected external skin was removed.

Changes for v1.1.2 - v1.13

  • Format Editor: When saving a changed or added format the hole size value was always reset to zero.
  • Format Editor: When saving a changed or added format the paper size (only used for dimensions of the tray for now) was not saved.
  • Format Editor: Manually edited positions were not used.
  • Format Editor: Autodetect flag was not saved.
  • Format Editor: LEFT, RIGHT, TOP and BOTTOM keywords are now saved correctly.
  • Printing: Fixed a bug in selecting the Tray when printing on a Canon PIXMA label printer.
  • Translations: Only the selected language is now read into memory at startup.
  • Translations: Added Catalan translation.
  • Printing: Added support for a new Canon CD-R tray (Tray F). The following Canon tray printers are now supported: iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, iP6000, iP6000D, iP8500, MP750, MP760, MP780, iP4200, iP5200, iP6600D, iP6700D, MP950, iP4300, MP 600, MP810 and MP960. Tested with the latest printer drivers versions 1.80, 1.90b and 1.95.
  • Skins: Added random skin selection (which is the new default setting)

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