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Version history for Vidiot (64-bit)

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Changes for v0.3.26 - v0.3.27

  • * Fixed erratic clips (short flashback) after transition. (r2528)
  • * Fixed changing speed of video clips. (r2528)
  • * Fixed: Sequence menu options not properly enabled when opening a save file with intervals. (r2523)
  • * Fixed: Length in player not updated when editing. (r2522)
  • * Fixed crash when zooming in maximally on a five hour audio file and enlarging the audio peaks height. (r2521)
  • * Key bindings for timeline actions are now customizable. (r2515)
  • * Fixed ridiculously wide file open dialog on Linux. (r2509)
  • * Added option to remove blank area left by dragging clips. (r2507)
  • * Fixed [#352]: 'Start empty project' chosen when dropping a file from explorer. (r2492)
  • * Fixed [#355]: Changing language does not work anymore. (r2491)
  • * Added option to set default shifting behavior when trimming. (r2487)
  • * Fixed [#353]: Drag only one clip of the two clips involved in a transition. Abort drag. Transition is lost. (r2484)
  • * Added option to toggle default shifting behavior for drag and drop operations. (r2483)
  • * Added keyboard shortcuts ('l' and 'u') for linking and unlinking clips. (r2482)
  • * Keys for changing mouse operation behavior (E.g. shift for drag-and-drop and/or trimming) do not have to be held anymore. Pressing once toggles the associated behavior. (r2471)
  • * Fixed crash when rendering selected intervals for an empty timeline. (r2465)

Changes for v0.3.25 - v0.3.26

  • * Fixed: crash when video file is removed from disk. (r2460)
  • * Fixed crash when generating (image) video data can't keep up with frame rate. (r2458)
  • * Created Snap for installing on Linux (r2436)

Changes for v0.3.24 - v0.3.25

  • * Fixed [#350]: Still images with keyframes are positioned wrong. (r2424)
  • * Fixed: When changing speed between 0.5 and 2.0, audio pitch is maintained. (r2415)
  • * Add option (Change FrameRate) to adjust frame rate interpolation. (r2412)
  • * Fixed [#349]: Crash when first/last clip in track is a fade-in/fade-out, and then dragging the transition and the faded clip. (r2408)

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