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Version history for vLite

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Changes for v1.2 RC - v1.2

  • new: Network Access Protection Agent
  • new: Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
  • fix: WLAN (WSearch 4.0 install)

Changes for v1.2 Beta - v1.2 RC

  • new: '16-bit Support'
  • new: 'Crash Dump Support'
  • new: 'Digital Rights Management (DRM)'
  • new: 'Distributed File System (DFS)'
  • new: 'Group Policy' (Extreme)
  • new: 'Intel Indeo'
  • new: 'Microsoft Multi-Path Bus'
  • new: 'Remote Access Connection Manager'
  • new: 'Routing and Remote Access'
  • new: 'Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)'
  • new: 'SSDP Discovery'
  • new: 'Telephony'
  • new: 'TV Tuner support'
  • new: 'User-mode Driver Framework'
  • new: 'Windows HotStart'
  • new: 'XBOX 360 Controller'
  • new: Swedish GUI language
  • upd: 'Function Discovery' changed to 'Windows Connect Now'
  • fix: LAN disabling needed restart (Function Discovery)
  • fix: Adobe Photoshop license issue (SNMP dependency)
  • fix: Logon loop after hotfixing (App Experience)

Changes for v1.1.6 - v1.2 Beta

  • New: Services startup mode setup (in Tweaks)
  • New: 'ActiveX Installer Service'
  • New: 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)'
  • New: 'Function Discovery'
  • New: 'Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD)'
  • New: 'Microsoft Client for NFS'
  • New: 'Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ)'
  • New: 'Quality of Service (QoS)'
  • New: 'Remote Access Auto Connection Manager'
  • New: 'Removable Storage Management'
  • New: 'RIP Listener'
  • New: 'Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)'
  • New: 'Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)'
  • New: 'Simple TCPIP services'
  • New: 'Software Quality Management (SQM)'

Changes for v1.1.6 RC - v1.1.6

  • new: 'Digital Locker'
  • new: 'Infrared Support'
  • new: '.NET Framework' (extreme)
  • new: 'TPM Base Services'
  • new: 'Windows Update' (extreme)
  • upd: 'Zip Folders' now removes CabView as well
  • fix: EventLog needed for Task Scheduler
  • fix: Missing registry file popup

Changes for v1.1.6 Beta 2 - v1.1.6 RC

  • w new components and an important fix. It was crashing during processing for some.
  • This one should also be a little faster during removals and 'Applying changes'.

Changes for v1.1.6 Beta - v1.1.6 Beta 2

  • Here is the fixed version. Besides few fixes there are 2 components, WLAN and Firewall that are really tied into the Slipstreamed SP1 finalization routines so they are hidden as of now, but only when configuring slipstreamed image, others don't have that limit. Will fix that eventually, but for now those two issues (loop and blank features) are solved.

Changes for v1.1.5 Beta - v1.1.6 Beta

  • new: Vista Service Pack 1 Integration (Slipstream)

Changes for v1.1.1 - v1.1.5 Beta

  • new: 'Character Map'
  • new: 'DHCP'
  • new: 'Disk Cleanup'
  • new: 'Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)'
  • new: 'Interactive Services Detection'
  • new: 'Notepad'
  • new: 'Photo Metadata Handler'
  • new: 'Quality Windows Audio Video Experience'
  • new: 'TV Tuners'
  • new: 'Windows Ultimate Extras'
  • new: More Languages removable
  • upd: Universal preset files (old non-English will not load)
  • upd: Display drivers separated
  • upd: Removed the (vLite) tag from the OS title
  • fix: Windows could not install the selected language

Changes for v1.1 - v1.1.1

  • fix: Registry Load error under XP
  • fix: 32bit under 64bit search (Natural Language)
  • fix: Logitech SetPoint device tabs missing (System Restore)

Changes for v1.1 RC - v1.1

  • new: Boot.wim cleanup (automatic with removed components)
  • new: Third Apply method - Rebuild All
  • new: Hide individual components (right-click menu)
  • new: Power button tweaks
  • new: 'Network Explorer'
  • new: 'Firewire (1394)'
  • new: 'Storage Controllers'
  • fix: UAC tweak
  • fix: UAC removal (Network Center, Users panel)
  • fix: Natural Language breaking Search

Changes for v1.1 Beta 2 - v1.1 RC

  • There is now a useful option called 4GB fix, basically it can be used to force KB929777 to apply during installation so you do not have to unplug your memory sticks. This is optional because some people do not have this issue, checkbox will appear in the Hotfix integration page if the hotfix is detected or you run vlite with the '-4gbfix' switch. Confirmed working on 32bit Vista.
  • Also there is a switch to enable extreme components ('-extreme'), only one currently present is Component Cache (winsxs). It is not recommended to use that unless you really understand what are the consenquences.
  • In the future there will probably be more components tagged as extreme which I would never usually add or they can be removed in certain scenarios.

Changes for v1.1 Beta - v1.1 Beta 2

  • new: 'Select this version on install' Unattended option
  • new: 'WebDAV (WebClient)'
  • new: 'IP Helper'
  • new: 'File and printer sharing (Server)'
  • new: 'DNS Client'
  • new: 'Windows Time'
  • new: 'Modem Support'
  • new: 'Remote Differential Compression'
  • new: 'Dynamic Volume Manager'
  • new: 'QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter'
  • new: 'Windows Color System'
  • new: 'Beep'
  • new: Integration failure report
  • new: 'unwim' switch for uninstalling the WIM Filter
  • upd: Computer Name synthax validation
  • upd: KB941649 integration workaround
  • fix: Finish before ISO page was shown
  • fix: Error Reporting removal breaking Compatibility Tab and MCE Reciever service
  • fix: Merging CDs
  • fix: Help was needed for IIS
  • fix: KB932596 install failure

Changes for v1.0 - v1.1 Beta

  • new: Hotfix integration support
  • new: Language Pack integration support
  • new: Dependency check on component selection
  • new: Language UI selection
  • new: UI maximization
  • new: 'IMAPIv2 Burning Support'
  • new: 'Printer Support'
  • new: 'Universal Plug and Play (UPNP)'
  • new: 'Windows Mobile Device Center'
  • new: 'Diagnostics'
  • upd: 'Performance Tools' (removes Performance Information in CPanel)
  • upd: 'Error Reporting', 'Windows Search' (more removed,previously needed)
  • upd: 'Modem drivers' (Bluetooth modem kept)
  • fix: KB938979 (rename and move issue)
  • fix: Temp folder change (error while accessing image)
  • fix: Image delete list on Apply 1st method

Changes for v1.0 RC - v1.0

  • new: 'Windows Portable Devices'
  • new: IIS and Halo 2 Compatibility options
  • upd: 'Natural Language' (64bit leftovers)
  • fix: Hotfixes cleanup when integrated before
  • fix: 'Defrag' (Shrink ability saved)
  • fix: 'Game Explorer' (gameux.dll popups)
  • fix: 'Internet Explorer' (DX Web installer)
  • fix: Memory Requirement option (Manual Install dependency)

Changes for v1.0 Beta - v1.0 RC

  • new: More compatibility options
  • new: 'Manual Install'
  • new: 'Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)'
  • new: 'Distributed Link Tracking Client'
  • new: 'Computer Browser'
  • new: 'Sample Pictures'
  • new: 'MSN Installer'
  • new: 'Malicious Software Removal Tool'
  • new: 'Multimedia Class Scheduler'
  • upd: 'Performance Counters' (SQL Server installation dependency)
  • upd: 'Screensavers' (PhotoScreensaver removed if Gallery kept)
  • upd: 'Volume Shadow' (Previous Version tab removed)
  • fix: 'Windows Collaboration' (netsh dependency)
  • fix: 'Windows Media Player' (portable devices)
  • fix: Paint.NET compatibility option

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