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Version history for VSO PhotoDVD

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Changes for v4.0.0.37 - v4.0.0.37d

  • translations updated

Changes for v4.0.0.35 - v4.0.0.37

  • 0003857: [Bug] dvd format is not remembered from selection made during installation (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003858: [Bug] division by zero when starting to play preview (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003863: [Feature Request] change default subtitle settings (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003865: [Bug] saving ntsc or pal or screen format does not work in project (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003855: [Feature Request] Remove trial watermark in DVD menus to increase DVD menus look & feel for unregistered users (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003822: [Feature Request] stop preview when no more images to play (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003823: [Bug] division by zero when starting to play preview when transition "granularity" is applied to photo (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003824: [Feature Request] add hint to audio line in Step 1 to provide the name of the playlist (cedric) - resolved.

Changes for v4.0.0.33 - v4.0.0.35

  • 0003722: [Bug] can’t save project in windows 7 (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003682: [Bug] In the images list or in the audio file list, if you press -PageUP = Index List Out Of Bounds (-1) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003720: [Bug] Can't see my subtitle tracks with Windows Media player when I compile my project as NTSC format (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003701: [Bug] "del" button on any setting will delete photo (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003702: [Suggestion] preview not showing edited values (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003713: [Feature Request] for regnow versions (special regnow certification with their own installer) - do not include thank youpage (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003719: [Information] text on step 1 is not good (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003685: [Suggestion] "disable transition" box keeps checked (cedric) - resolved.

Changes for v4.0.0.32 - v4.0.0.33

  • [Bug] Not prompted to save project when I have entered a Slideshow name (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] WAV audio file unrecognised (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Program adds "blank" audio between audio tracks from playlist. (cedric) - resolved.

Changes for v4.0.0.28 - v4.0.0.32

  • 0003574: [Suggestion] Have a AUDIO_TS folder generated on burned DVD for compatibility with older DVD players. (cedric)
  • 0003046: [Feature Request] PhotoDVD certification for RegNow (cedric)

Changes for v3.1.0.2d - v4.0.0.28

  • New features include:
  • new outputs to web format .mp4 for uploading to sites like Youtube, MySpace, dailymotion, etc
  • High definition output
  • new preview model (apply transition and animation in real time as the photos are playing in preview slideshow mode)
  • new interface
  • 0003593: [Bug] wrong audio file played after seek (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003578: [Bug] Image display time not working in quick preview (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003590: [Bug] animation factor modifies both speed and zoom (cedric) resolved.
  • [3 issues]
  • 0003579: [Bug] No sound when preview (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003567: [Bug] preview stops playing at image 32 (cedric) resolved.
  • [2 issues]
  • 0003571: [Bug] in edit slide window no play button for preview (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003575: [Bug] v4.0.0.25 Hot point stays in preview (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003572: [Bug] when playing fast preview, the number on the top does not increase as photos go by (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003562: [Crash] v4.0.0.24: Hitting the Cancel & Close in the Fast Preview crashes PhotoDVD (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003574: [Suggestion] Have a AUDIO_TS folder generated on burned DVD for compatibility with older DVD players. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002506: [Feature Request] Requesting a log window, when burning with PhotoDVD. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003573: [Bug] program freezes at end of compiling when burn option ticked(checked). (cedric) resolved.
  • [7 issues]
  • 0003561: [Suggestion] v4.0.0.24: On 1st run / Fast Preview auto start but the play button shows PLAY and not PAUSE (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003564: [Bug] v4.0.0.24: When loading audio files, the play time for track one is always "---" (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003560: [Bug] v4.0.0.24: List Index Out Of Bounds if you hit the CANCEL button while importing an Audio Folder (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003552: [Bug] v4.0.0.22: Rendering Preview / Re-selecting Filename Subs does not work. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003565: [Bug] allows multi selection of transitions (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003566: [Bug] error "Toolbar item index out of range." (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003568: [Bug] press pause on compilation and progress bar continues to go forward (cedric) resolved.
  • [7 issues]
  • 0003556: [Bug] v4.0.0.23: When adding an audio folder, the status bar stays gray and displays 100% all the time. (cedric) resolved.
  • [1 issue]
  • 0003553: [Bug] v4.0.0.22: Menu Template not matching out saved settings on a new open of PhotoDVD (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003551: [Bug] v4.0.0.22: Slideshow Name updates the Window title, issues with DOT characters (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003548: [Bug] double clicking on image in 1st window does not open that image in edit slide window (cedric) resolved.
  • [3 issues]
  • 0003544: [Suggestion] Have 4th subtitle track (filename) be forced checked when adding source files to DVD. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003545: [Feature Request] when including image sources keep original file name (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003542: [Bug] In .vpd the unchecked setting fot create a chapter each ... min, is not saved. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003543: [Bug] Modified/selected font for subtitle track 4 not saved in .vpd. (cedric) resolved.
  • [4 issues]
  • 0003046: [Feature Request] PhotoDVD certification for RegNow (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002394: [Bug] animation factor not always applied in Preview (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002989: [Bug] .CR2 canon 7D not supported ( just need sdk update ) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002996: [Feature Request] Add "shut down computer after compilation/burn" (like in ConvertXToDVD) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003208: [Information] v4.0.0.2 sometimes youtube in grey sometimes in blue (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003213: [Feature Request] v4.0.0.3 remove link to get athentech pluggin (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003449: [Bug] When selecting "Read DVD using default player", I cannot select any, while I have VLC installed (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003439: [Bug] mp3 music first second play bad in audio player (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003534: [Suggestion] v4.0.0.19: On a 100% Clean installation, subtitle languages are set to 'aa' (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003539: [Crash] Acces violation at the end of compling DVD menu, main page (cedric) resolved.
  • 0000442: [Feature Request] Detection of DirectX upon installation (cedric) closed.
  • [11 issues]
  • 0003531: [Bug] access violation when press stop compiling (when compiling to DVD format) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003529: [Bug] fast preview does not respond well when audio in playing in 2nd step (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003530: [Bug] step 5, first and second steps do not work (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003532: [Bug] default settings have youtube set in output window, but actually DVDvideo is created (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003526: [Bug] Saved project does not save the template choosen. Always fall back to Black mirror with video. (cedric) resolved.
  • [5 issues]
  • 0003486: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: Can't change value by keyboard entry for transition and display time at Settings -> Imaging. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003503: [Feature Request] Have a random transition button at Edit window, transitions. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003476: [Bug] V4.0.0.16: Wrong hintbox text shown. Burning step text displayed instead of finished project. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003517: [Bug] I can't see my subtitles when I compile my project as mp4 (YouTube output) (cedric) resolved.
  • [4 issues]
  • 0003479: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: Can't move to last picture in list using slider (Fast preview) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003498: [Suggestion] Have some text in "progress bar". (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003511: [Feature Request] lighten transparency on green steps (top navigation) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003477: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: :"Hotspot" star visible when multiselect option is used. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003510: [Information] action burn an already compiled DVD / options in 6th step do not all work (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003495: [Bug] v4.0.0.17: When cancelling compilation while doing making DVD menus, process continues after click yes. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003494: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: Copy/paste of subtitle text at next photo not entered/saved. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003497: [Suggestion] v4.0.0.17: Have displayed Photo list number in front of compiling speed. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003493: [Suggestion] v4.0.0.16: Photo properties window suggestions. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003499: [Suggestion] v4.0.0.17: Have the text "name" added behind actual text. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003501: [Suggestion] Have the photo list scrolling when using drag& drop of a file when list is longer as displayed. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003502: [Bug] Transition and image display time show 0s when using multiselect mode on first time. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003496: [Bug] v4.0.0.17: Have a cancel button at popup window to correct "fault". (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003507: [Bug] highlight on menu not working in VLC (cedric) closed.
  • [14 issues]
  • 0003478: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: After removing all pictures from project, used time at bottom not updated. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003488: [Suggestion] Have a message popup before compling when target folder has left blank. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003484: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: Wrong hintbox text at horizontal closing door button (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003485: [Bug] v4.0.0.16: Text missing. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003492: [Suggestion] v4.0.0.16; Change text "Filename subtitle" -> "filename as subtitle". (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003475: [Bug] V4.0.0.16: Regression, No more preview when compiling DVD menus. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003483: [Information] Update BTS so v4 version can be selected as product version. (cedric) closed.
  • [7 issues]
  • 0003474: [Suggestion] Add a progress bar when I load a project or when I add a lot of pictures in my project (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003473: [Bug] When I use multiselection mode, last image line in imagewall is cropped (cedric) resolved.
  • [2 issues]
  • 0003471: [Suggestion] Add the possibility to shut down my computer after a successfull compilation (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003470: [Suggestion] Add an option for DVD menu to going back to root menu at chapter end. (cedric) resolved.
  • [2 issues]
  • 0003469: [Suggestion] If I try to close PhotoDVD when my project is not saved, I'm prompted to save it, but I can't cancel the close query (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003468: [Suggestion] Interface wording update needed and some translation fields not updated after language switch (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003467: [Bug] Wide output format never saved (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003382: [Information] edit slide window / movement tab, remove + and buttons (cedric) closed.
  • [4 issues]
  • 0003396: [Information] ugly display of format selection during installation (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003405: [Bug] french translation problem (annelise) resolved.
  • 0003409: [Bug] Bug with MP3 (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003441: [Bug] save project bug (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003444: [Bug] Eventhough PAL output is selected upon installation, NTSC appears by default when compilating (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003445: [Bug] Cannot add subtitle filename (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003440: [Feature Request] by default, do not have "add a subtitle changel from filename" checked (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003451: [Bug] Cannot save project (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003454: [Information] imaging tab / no middle setting (cedric) resolved.
  • [9 issues]
  • 0003438: [Information] in white for watermark (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003436: [Feature Request] make button look smaller (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003446: [Feature Request] change install paths to correspond with bug 3407 (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003437: [Bug] output window display problem (cedric) closed.
  • [4 issues]
  • 0003397: [Suggestion] remove extra "information" page from install script (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003390: [Bug] display problem in compilation window (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003392: [Information] do not like image for "audio will be cut" (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003380: [Information] From main menu Options / "Youtube settings" does not exist (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003393: [Bug] imaging options are set mostly set to 0, pressing repair does not apply setting to project (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003404: [Feature Request] remove extra space between list area and tool bar beneath it (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003420: [Bug] save project for the first time does not work (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003415: [Suggestion] change installation path of PhotoDVD 4 (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003421: [Bug] display problem in audio tab (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003423: [Information] display problem, not clean (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003424: [Bug] no icon to show what this (volumn) slider is (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003422: [Suggestion] add hints (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003426: [Information] burn setting window -remove word 'affinity' (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003429: [Information] comments as right click on step 1 don't is not clear (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002760: [Feature Request] Multi line watermark (for later on, not urgent) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003428: [Bug] step 5 'play dvd using default player' (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003425: [Information] output window disply (cedric) closed.
  • [17 issues]
  • 0003386: [Bug] focus point does not work (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003381: [Information] default subtitle track is "track 2" not "track 1". (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003389: [Bug] live preview does not start with correct play list when highligted (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003383: [Bug] no warning when closing a project that has been modified (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003385: [Information] Space on DVD, change "2H" to "2 hours" (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003387: [Bug] in edit slide window change "animation duration" to "image display time" (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003384: [Bug] edit slide window / movement tab animation factor not saved in projects (cedric) resolved.
  • [7 issues]
  • 0003344: [Bug] enter wrong key nothing happens (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003347: [Feature Request] remove from installer the desktop icon "how to use photodvd4" (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003351: [Bug] get stuck at output window after going to action / burn an existing compilation (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003368: [Information] remove duplicate of help links (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003352: [Bug] e display problem (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003353: [Bug] cannot focus a disabled or invisible window (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003348: [Bug] cannot add subtitles (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003315: [Crash] v4.0.0.7 crashes when using some audio files (cedric) resolved.
  • [8 issues]
  • 0003309: [Bug] Cancel while encoding happens just makes it's start over again, it does not stop ! (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002799: [Suggestion] V76: Have a funtion to set all animations in one handling to No animation. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002796: [Bug] V76: Values of properties not correctly intepreted by program (cedric) resolved.
  • 0002780: [Feature Request] fast preview be set to start from a highlighted picture (cedric) resolved.
  • [4 issues]
  • 0003269: [Information] hard drive is no longer an option for output (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003292: [Feature Request] add wizard steps in PhotoDVD (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003294: [Bug] youtube output, no audio (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003293: [Feature Request] allow in trial version users to contact support (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003291: [Bug] no preview in compiliation window (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003290: [Bug] when fast preview is lauched if an audio track has been added it should play by default (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003286: [Bug] Image preview (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003276: [Suggestion] When I install PhotoDVD 4, keep my settings if a previous PhotoDVD 2 or 3 version was already installed (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003109: [Feature Request] add a buy license under Help tab (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003267: [Bug] cannot add audio get list index out of bounds (0) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003265: [Information] timer should count time as slideshow plays (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003205: [Bug] v. fast preview problem with subtitle selection (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003268: [Bug] display problem in output window (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003263: [Bug] in edit slide window, changing animation factor applies to all pictures? (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003266: [Feature Request] in first window where photos are added, pressing 'fast preview' should launch the playing of the preview (cedric) resolved.
  • [15 issues]
  • 0003264: [Suggestion] I'm popped 2 times when I'm using an old unlock key (V3 key in PhotoDVD V4), one time to get my new key, another time for trial (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003260: [Bug] when first open trial window default background window is not correct (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003262: [Bug] subtitles not saved in project (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003261: [Suggestion] Add the ability to edit photo/animation properties for more than one photo in same time (multiselection mode) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003258: [Suggestion] Remove 100 photos limitation in trial version (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003256: [Bug] Trial watermark size too small when selecting Youtube HD format (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003164: [Crash] Access violation when No menu used. (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003149: [Feature Request] audio photo synchronization (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003150: [Feature Request] new transitions (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003214: [Feature Request] v4.0.0.3 in fast preview change loading thumbnail to black screen (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003211: [Bug] v. access violation when compiling to youtube output (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003206: [Information] v4.0.0.2 in edit slide window 'ugly' not clean look (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003204: [Feature Request] v. in fast preview have option to jump to different track by 1 simple click on corrresponding icon (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003203: [Bug] V4.0.0.2 when no photo select "fast preview" does not work (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003201: [Feature Request] v. in edit slide window move arrow navigation to lower tool bar (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003199: [Feature Request] V4.0.0.2 cannot tell the difference between applying black and white or color photo in edit slide window (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003198: [Bug] V4.0.0.2 subtitles do not work in live preview when playing (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003147: [Feature Request] interface in first window, add link to add audio (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003148: [Feature Request] new preview window, more accurate to final result (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003146: [Feature Request] Add PhotoDVD version 4 gesture in code (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003144: [Feature Request] Add the mp4 output format in PhotoDVD (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003132: [Bug] access violation during compiling (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003197: [Information] v4.0.0.2 Version number needs to be updated in trial window (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003133: [Bug] problem with chapter text in chapater menu, order is is not correct or duplicated (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003108: [Information] need enter license keybutton under Help / about (cedric) resolved.
  • [25 issues]

Changes for v3.1.0.2 - v3.1.0.2d

  • FFmpeg specific clauses added in english EULA license

Changes for v3.1.0.0c - v3.1.0.2

  • 0003023: [Crash] PhotoDVD can't load when I haven't any printer installed... (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003022: [Suggestion] Changing Display Time and Transition Duration in log (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003021: [Bug] Settings give List Index Out of Bounds with no changes (cedric) - resolved.

Changes for v3.0.9.6 - v3.1.0.0c

  • 0003007: [Bug] When I cancel the compilation then try to restart it, I get an access violation (cedric) - resolved.
  • Memory leak cleanup

Changes for v3.0.8.3 - v3.0.9.6

  • User informed if double layer DVD will be requested (regarding slideshow duration *AND* DVD menu size if used)
  • Chapter image not visible in DVD menu when transition time is set to 0
  • Incorrect number of automatic chapters displayed in log
  • 0002975: [Information] setting name problem (perhaps in translation) (annelise) - resolved.
  • 0002972: [Feature Request] Map items of menu bar. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002945: [Bug] reorder photos, double click on one to edit, edit slide window does not display photo that was double clicked on (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002946: [Bug] using slider to make thumbnail bigger makes images go back to original order (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002934: [Bug] saved projects to not keep correct position of photo in list (cedric) - resolved.
  • Chapter thumbnail with Black mirror template bug fixed

Changes for v3.0.6.1 - v3.0.8.1

  • 0002913: [Bug] burn refresh and speed listing issue (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002917: [Bug] Image time displayed in image tree (first windows) is incorrect. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002911: [Feature Request] 3.0.7 copy paste from explorer (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002916: [Bug] Only Default template available from Settings, DVD menu. Other 3 templates missing (cedric) - resolved.
  • update burning SDK with version 4.0.3 ( pioneer fixes, better support for Windows 7 )

Changes for v3.0.5.88 - v3.0.6.1

  • Fixed PhotoPlayer seek problems
  • Translation update

Changes for v2.9.6.1 - v3.0.5.86

  • 0002844: [Crash] AV in PhotoPlayer (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002846: [Bug] Format "%" invalid or incompatible with argument (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002842: [Information] 11 uninstall survey PhotoDVD opened after complete uninstall with CleanVSO (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002840: [Crash] Loading a project what saved was with older version CRASHES (closes PhotoDVD) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002841: [Bug] Regression: Unknown characters again displayed (square blocks) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002847: [Information] Text red eye correction wrong (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002839: [Bug] Toolbar item index error (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002837: [Bug] v3.0.5.83 Photo Comments in Menu (from subtitle track) do not work (cedric) - resolved.

Changes for v2.9.6.0 - v2.9.6.1

  • 0001463: [Bug] inconsistence dans l'interface pas de popup dans le dialogue de selection de music (Fred)
  • 0001937: [Feature Request] change wording in application (Fred)
  • 0001931: [Bug] some pictures are loaded black (Fred)
  • 0001954: [Feature Request] v2.9.6.0 ßeta: Bring back support for .aac files again (ConvertXtoDVD and CopyToDVD) were fixed already (Fred)
  • 0001957: [Bug] add improper audio folder (Fred)

Changes for v2.9.2.0 - v2.9.5.0

  • 0001857: [Bug] Picture buffer not cleared of last visited picture (v2.9.1.5) (Fred)
  • 0001878: [Bug] Problem in FLAC audio file... Duration is false (Fred)
  • 0001879: [Bug] Pb in Photoplayer : bad aspect ratio when the window is resized (Fred)
  • 0001897: [Feature Request] in preview have cursor skip to where you put mouse (Fred)
  • 0001877: [Bug] Problem with underline settings on fonts window for the subtitles. (Fred)
  • 0001895: [Feature Request] working folder doesn't exist (Fred)
  • 0001896: [Bug] v2.9.4.b black and white not working in preview (Fred)
  • 0001899: [Bug] can stop audio from playing if you double clicked in audio window (Fred)
  • 0001886: [Suggestion] Box Jpeg safe mode to small to contain translation (Fred)

Changes for v2.9.1.5 - v2.9.2.0

  • fix a problem with audio ( not played )

Changes for v2.9.1 - v2.9.1.5

  • include a safe mode to open some bad formated jpeg.
  • fix a memory leak with a large number of pictures
  • fix the loop playback broken.
  • update reference DLL for encoder

Changes for v2.83 - v2.9.1

  • use new generic set of dll for encoding
  • various fixes with subtitles with new photoplayer
  • gui changes
  • new burning sdk version :
  • updaded ED-SDK 1.3 for Canon digital camera ( .CR2 raw support )

Changes for v2.6.2 - v2.6.4.0

  • 0001416: [Feature Request] auto rotate according Exif information.

Changes for v2.5.0.3 - v2.5.2.1

  • 001218 [Feature Request] : Be able to force direction of pan vertical or horizontal
  • 001219 [Bug] : In output window, have a refresh option to detect new dvd drivers
  • updated DCRAW lib ( now support for Nikon D300 .NEF raw files )
  • Various little bugs fixed

Changes for v2.4.0 - v2.5.0.3

  • updated and added translation
  • setup script compatible with custom version for affiliates
  • updated for canon 40D RAW support
  • latest DCRAW lib for Canon 40D Raw support
  • 20% faster for the same quality

Changes for v2.3.16 - v2.4.0

  • 0001013: [Feature Request] Move Image to Position : #xxx and/or drag the image up/down with the mouse (Fred)
  • 0001020: [Bug] The timer is still running internally, when Photoplay is stopped (Fred)
  • 0001049: [Bug] Cannot add .aac or .flac folder (Fred)
  • 0001141: [Feature Request] Change update link (Fred)
  • 0001150: [Bug] DirectX problem with PhotoPlayer : preview window remains black or grey or white and does not display the slideshow (Fred)
  • 0001157: [Bug] Some functions are not disabled when the application starts (Fred)
  • 0001159: [Bug] Project lost when you cancel the save window, on exiting the program (Fred)
  • Various bugs reported by Lionel
  • Improved audio support for mp3, wav, wma, ogg files.
  • "Invalid floating point" error during encoding Fixed.

Changes for v2.3.14.0 - v2.3.16

  • 0001037: [Bug] Problem for detecting video_ts sub-directory previously created on target directory (Fred)
  • 0001038: [Bug] Problem in target option settings. (Fred)
  • a couple of translation updated

Changes for v2.3.12 - v2.3.14.0

  • 0000927: [Bug] v2.3.12.0: Cannot select subtitle language codes (Fred)
  • 0000989: [Bug] music file missing (Fred)
  • 0000926: [Feature Request] automatic chapter (Fred)
  • multiple bugs reported by Lionel
  • updated Digital camera for Canon SDK 2.0.1 ( now works with Eos Mark 1D III )
  • sepia effect wasn't applied in the preview correctly.

Changes for v2.3.10 - v2.3.12

  • updated DCRAW lib
  • updated Digital camera for Canon SDK ( now works with Eos Mark 1D III )
  • updated translations
  • various minor bugs
  • compiled with latest Delphi version
  • updated vso burning sdk 2.1.3 ( Fix for matsushita / panasonic dvd writers )

Changes for v2.3.9.2 - v2.3.10

  • Use latest burning sdk ( 2.1.2 )
  • Latest translation updated
  • Latest compilation to sync the common code.

Changes for v2.3.8.6 - v2.3.9.2

  • Use latest burning sdk ( 2.1.2 )
  • Latest translation updated
  • Latest compilation to sync the common code.

Changes for v2.3.7.5 - v2.3.8.6

  • Compiled with Delphi 2007
  • Improved support of the preview module for Vista
  • Updated DCRAW lib
  • Updated Patin-Couffin burning layer driver ( resigned for vista )
  • Support for .JPE ( Minolta 7D )
  • New coder dlls.

Changes for v2.3.6 - v2.3.7.5

  • 0000185: [Feature Request] Control When Chapters are inserted in the DVD output.

Changes for v2.3.4 - v2.3.6

  • Fix a problem with very large photos ( invalid dib handle )
  • Photoplayer optimized
  • Bundled with Patin-Couffin v37 and latest burning sdk 2.0.25
  • Use native Canon SDK
  • Latest DCRAW lib for other formats.
  • Fix .jpeg and .dng formats

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