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Version history for W10Privacy

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Changes for v3.4.0.1 - v3.5.0.0

  • - Extension of the program by various functions and settings related to the Windows 10 version 2004 released by Microsoft: integration of various settings regarding the new Edge browser, taking into account the changed parameters for deactivating the web search in the start menu, various internal optimizations. Many thanks to Lars for the useful tip!

Changes for v3.3.1.0 - v3.3.2.0

  • - Revision of the HOSTS file blockable DNS names: The scope of the known HOSTS has been significantly expanded.
  • - Minor adjustments to the new Windows 10 version 1909
  • - The window used to display progress in the course of various processing is now movable.
  • - The autologger service should now be terminated correctly. Thanks to Michael for the hint!

Changes for v3.3.0.4 - v3.3.1.0

  • - Add two more deactivatable tasks
  • - Add an application whose outbound traffic should be disabled through the firewall (DeviceCensus.exe)
  • - Updating the Russian language
  • - detail improvements

Changes for v3.3.0.3 - v3.3.0.4

  • - Integration of other deactivatable tasks that are related to the Office products. The tasks are only displayed in W10Privacy if they also exist on the system.
  • - Change of red color for restricted settings for better readability. Many thanks to Florin for the hint!
  • - Fix registry key to disable Windows 10 upgrades. Here a space had crept in the key name ("Windows Updates" instead of "Windows Updates"). Many thanks to Tricknik for the meaningful hint!

Changes for v3.3.0.2 - v3.3.0.3

  • - Integration of the option to deactivate the task, which carries out the automatic maintenance.
  • Fixed a problem that caused a bug when trying to uninstall the XboxIdentityProvider system app. Many thanks to Frédéric for reporting the problem!

Changes for v3.3.0.1 - v3.3.0.2

  • - Microsoft changed the location of the file "MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe", which is used by the edge browser, to the System32 folder within the last updates. This fact has now been taken into account so that W10Privacy re-creates the appropriate firewall rule.
  • - Just for the sake of completeness, due to various inquiries: W10Privacy is, as far as possible, already compatible with Windows 10 1903 since version

Changes for v3.3.0.0 - v3.3.0.1

  • Correction / addition / update of the HOSTS entries that can be stored via W10Privacy

Changes for v3.2.0.2 - v3.3.0.0

  • - Extensive customization to support the upcoming Windows 10 19H1 release. Starting with the build version "18334" various other user and system apps can be uninstalled. Also, the background functionality of additional apps can be configured under the future Windows version.
  • - smaller in-program optimizations

Changes for v3.2.0.1 - v3.2.0.2

  • - Added another registry key to disable application telemetry
  • - Addition of blockable HOSTS and IP entries in view of the recent BSI analysis of telemetry components in Windows 10
  • - Correction of a host entry in the "Light variant" of the settings. Thanks to Andreas for the hint!

Changes for v3.1.0.3 - v3.2.0.1

  • - Extension of the "Apps" category settings with regard to the options added with the Windows 10 1809 Update
  • - The uninstall of the "YourPhone" app has been integrated as well as the ability to disable the background functionality of the user app
  • - Integration of the tweak "Deactivation of the initial privacy settings display" for 1809 systems
  • - Other minor customizations related to the Windows 10 1809 Update
  • - Integration of Polish texts.

Changes for v3.1.0.2 - v3.1.0.3

  • - Starting with Windows 10 1709, another registry key will be set for the setting "Do not show app suggestions (advertising) in the start menu". This has now been taken into account. Many thanks to Winfried for the hint!

Changes for v3.0.0.0 - v3.1.0.1

  • - Small extension, so that the Windows 10 Build 17134 (-> Win10 1803) released by Microsoft on 30.04.2018 is displayed correctly.
  • - Add further privacy settings as well as a setting for the search function or Cortana
  • - Added the option "Disable retrieval of search suggestions and web results via Bing" and "Disable the Windows SmartScreen" with additional registry keys. If this setting has been set, these will initially be displayed as inactive with the new W10Privacy version. The settings must be reactivated accordingly.
  • - Removal of one of the two options for denying app access to diagnostic functions ("_app_ccess_diagnose"). Due to a typo, the second setting was listed as a separate setting. Many thanks to Joachim for the hint!

Changes for v2.8.0.1 - v3.0.0.0

  • - Adding additional options for Windows 10 1803 and customizing existing settings to make them compatible with the upcoming official release.
  • - Add further options, some of which are also valid for older versions of Windows.
  • - All app-related settings can now be found in the newly created "Apps" tab.
  • - small detail improvements

Changes for v2.7.0.1 - v2.8.0.1

  • - W10Privacy now displays various information in the course of the program start, so that it becomes clearer in which phase of the startup process the program is currently located.

Changes for v2.6.0.2 - v2.7.0.1

  • - The still in version from the "HOSTS File Light" setting banished host entry had crept in secretly, quietly and quietly again .... now he was hopefully finally banned from it! ;-)
  • (26/02/2018)
  • - The program displays the settings determined at program start in greyed out and unreadable check boxes. It can now be better understood, which settings were changed during the runtime of the program (and according to which settings the program will adjust if you can set the settings) - Many thanks Nikos for the useful hint !.
  • - Settings that require administrative permissions are now displayed with two leading exclamation points with the following space for better recognition.
  • - Updating the Russian texts, thanks to Dmitry for your dedication! :)

Changes for v2.6.0.1 - v2.6.0.2

  • - Microsoft has obviously made changes to their server landscape. This now partly leads to the fact that some of the host entries used so far for blocking telemetry data can now also impair the reception of Windows updates. Different users have reported different constellations here, so the warning level of the host entries has been increased. In addition, an entry was removed from the "Light" section. To remove this entry, the light entry should be deactivated once. Many thanks to all who have reported abnormalities here!

Changes for v2.6.0.0 - v2.6.0.1

  • - Under certain circumstances, the "MalwareProtectionCommandLineUtility" firewall rule could not be activated. This issue should now be resolved. Thanks to Dirk for the hint!
  • - Update of the Russian texts by Leon, thank you!

Changes for v2.5.1.1 - v2.6.0.0

  • - Activation of W10Privacy for system based on Windows Server 2012R2 and Windows Server 2016: On this only the basic functionality was checked, use as always at your own risk!
  • - Integration of the task "CacheTask": This is started on every system during the user logon and in some cases ensures high hard disk utilization. Reliable information on the purpose and purpose of the task could not be determined. The effects of disabling the task are therefore unclear. Information, observations, etc. can be sent to kontakt [at] Thanks to Kevin for the hint!
  • - Updating the French texts by wiwi2301 ... now it should fit! :)

Changes for v2.5.0.1 - v2.5.1.1

  • - The list of telemetry IP addresses contained two invalid IP addresses, which did not allow firewall rule 19 to be set.
  • (20.10.2017)
  • - Add additional options in the "Privacy", "Explorer" and "Background" apps (for systems based on Windows 10 1709)
  • - Update the MS-telemetry IP addresses that can be blocked via W10Privacy: The corresponding options must be set again, as with every update of the IP addresses, in order to take into account the new IP addresses.
  • - Update of French texts by wiwi2301

Changes for v2.5.0.0 - v2.5.0.1

  • - Customize the "DoNotTrack" registry key for Internet Explorer: The previous one was only available for users with administrative privileges.

Changes for v2.4.2.0 - v2.5.0.0

  • - Integration of the additional tab "Internet Explorer"
  • - Hiding the Edge icon has been moved (from the Edge tab) to the Internet Explorer tab
  • - Correction of registry key to disable Windows error reporting
  • - With the data protection option "Set diagnostics and usage data to ", the value "0" is now set, regardless of the version of Windows. This is only applied to special Windows versions (see here:, but it changes to the usual versions "Windows 10 Pro" as well as " Windows 10 Home "does not work. Thanks to JoGeJen for the suggestion.
  • - other minor improvements

Changes for v2.4.1.0 - v2.4.2.0

  • - Add additional privacy options to Windows error reporting
  • - Adding additional tweaks (deactivation of the animations on first registration, deactivation of Windows Spotlight)
  • - adding the Turkish language (many thanks to Orrhan for the translation and the tests carried out in this connection!)

Changes for v2.4.0.0 - v2.4.1.0

  • - Integration of the edge icon deactivation option in Internet Explorer (Edge tab)
  • - Various optimizations in the area of ​​the Windows update search via W10Privacy (including consideration of the current PSWindowsUpdate module for compatibility with Windows 10 1703)

Changes for v2.3.0.4 - v2.4.0.0

  • - Add multiple privacy settings for Windows 10 1703
  • - Modify some options to be compatible with Windows 1703
  • - Integration of various Windows 10 1607 uninstallable apps (Paint 3D, Sticky Notes, 3D Viewer, etc.)
  • - Disabling the background functionality for some apps added / revised
  • - The deactivation of the blocking screen was made possible again by MS with an update for Windows 10 1703 (see here: switched and 3686999.html). This feature has been re-activated for the latest W10 version.
  • - Integration of Russian texts for the log output, many thanks to Leon!

Changes for v2.3.0.2 - v2.3.0.4

  • - Update the MS-telemetry IP addresses that can be blocked via W10Privacy: The corresponding options must be set again, as with every update of the IP addresses, in order to take into account the new IP addresses.

Changes for v2.2.0.1 - v2.3.0.2

  • - BugFix: Running the CommandLine mode caused the program to crash.
  • (30.03.2017)
  • - Adaptations to be compatible with the soon to appear Windows 10 1703.
  • - Add an option for Windows 10 systems (W10 1607 or later), which prevents the display of advertising in Explorer.
  • - In order to make W10Privacy more usable in the portable area, the initial configuration is now saved in the file "W10Privacy_Settings_First_Start_COMPUTERNAME_BENUTZERNAME.ini".
  • - The value "0" for "DisableMeteredNetworkFileSync" is now set for OneDrive deactivation. "1" prevents OneDrive synchronization when roaming, while "0" prevents full synchronization. Thanks to Konstantinos for the hint!
  • - extension, so that the log entries made by W10Privacy can now also be stored in the Languages.ini. At the moment the log entries are only available in German (translations will follow).
  • - Update of French texts by wiwi2301

Changes for v2.2.0.0 - v2.2.0.1

  • - W10Privacy automatically creates a backup of the settings in the file " W10Privacy_Settings_First_Start.ini " (this does not apply to the CommandLine mode). This can be used in the future as long as the creation of a backup configuration was not done manually, in order to switch to the original settings (many thanks to Kurt for the meaningful reference!).
  • - Adding the Russian language. Thank you at this point to "karabidon" for providing the lyrics!

Changes for v2.1.5.2 - v2.2.0.0

  • - W10Privacy was extended, that now some of the settings are also usable under WINDOWS 7 !
  • - Update the MS-telemetry IP addresses that can be blocked using W10Privacy: The corresponding options must be set again, as with every update of the IP addresses, in order to take into account the newly determined IP addresses.

Changes for v2.1.5.1 - v2.1.5.2

  • - Update the MS-telemetry IP addresses that can be blocked via W10Privacy: The corresponding options must be set again, as with every update of the IP addresses, in order to take into account the new IP addresses.
  • - Removing the option "Disable blocking screen on login" on System with Win10 1607: This setting can not be deactivated reliably without renaming the corresponding app. By modifying a registry key, the lock screen can be disabled for testing only after blocking. What Microsoft has probably ridden again ...

Changes for v2.1.4.2 - v2.1.5.1

  • - Update the IP addresses that can be blocked via the telemetry firewall rules.
  • (17.01.2017)
  • - Revision of the determination of telemetry IP addresses with a view to reducing false detections (for example, some root nameservers were also blocked).
  • - Update the MS-telemetry IP addresses that can be blocked via W10Privacy: The corresponding options must be set again, as with every update of the IP addresses, in order to take into account the new IP addresses.
  • - Update of French texts by wiwi2301

Changes for v2.1.3.1 - v2.1.4.2

  • - Added two new options to the Privacy tab: "Deny access to my notifications" and "Deny access to my contacts"
  • (13.12.2016)
  • - You can also uninstall the "Wi-Fi and mobile phone" app.
  • (13.12.2016)
  • - The uninstallation of the "Feedback Hub" app has been integrated.
  • - The de-activation of the background functionality of apps under Windows 10 1607 was no longer attracted. This problem should now be resolved.
  • - Implementation of the background functionality for other apps: "Settings", "Feedback Hub", "Microsoft Edge", "Microsoft Sticky Notes", "Contact Support", "Connect", "WLAN and Mobile Phone Credits"

Changes for v2.1.2.0 - v2.1.3.1

  • - Fixed a bug which meant that the description of the implemented in the previous version was not displayed tasks.
  • (27.09.2016)
  • - Adding an additional deactivatable office tasks: "Office Automatic Updates" and "Office ClickToRun Service Monitor"
  • - If W10Privacy launched in command line mode with a separate configuration file and the specified configuration can not be found (. Eg because of an incorrect path), then W10Privacy finished now. Previously W10Privacy was run with the default configuration.
  • - Update of the French text by wiwi2301

Changes for v2.1.1.1 - v2.1.2.0

  • - Adding an additional privacy options which 10 Anniversary updates have been added as part of Windows.
  • - Update of the French text by wiwi2301
  • - Small cosmetic adjustments

Changes for v2.1.1.0 - v2.1.1.1

  • - Correction of the registry keys for the removal of the setting "Windows Defender - Transmission of examples", so that this is set correctly in case of withdrawal of the option. Thanks to the Nile for the tip!
  • - By using the "Save As ..." - option the last used configuration file will be retained.
  • - In the command line mode can now use the parameter in "/ config" path to be used configuration file to specify dates. Alternatively, however, the previous mode (name of a configuration file, which is located in W10Provacy folder) are used.

Changes for v2.0.0.1 - v2.1.1.0

  • - The search for Windows updates is now available via command line possible: The parameter "/ s check updates" W10Privacy can in silent mode are started, so that it searches the connection for updates (advance must, if not already happened before, of course, for will check for updates necessary conditions by Gui set). If updates are detected, the known window appears in which the updates to be installed can be selected.
  • - The search for Windows updates on W10Privacy is now faster because defaults are not checked when fake WSUS, but directly at "Windows Update" to update. In networks that are actually providing a WSUS server, this option is disadvantageous, however, so the search for updates in a "fake WSUS" If enabled. A "standard user" should not select this option, the search will take about a little longer.
  • (18.03.2016)
  • - Adding the tweaks "Alternatives Enable" -> Thanks to wiwi2301 for the tip!
  • - Implementation of the possibility of an "enhanced logging" ( "Tools" -> "Settings") to activate in order to make a better analysis of a problem arose.
  • - In the course of the search, download and install Windows updates will now instead been advised in advance of the script execution policy for PowerShell to "Unrestricted" "Remote Signed". Some clients could not run PowerShell scripts with the previous setting.
  • (14.03.2016)
  • "Disable lock screen at logon" Adding the new Explorer option -. Thanks to Nils for meaningful Tip!
  • - In the "When you create a shortcut called" "not add" Shortcut Option another registry key will be set. On some systems, the current setting is not sufficient. Thanks to Harry for the tip!
  • - Fix a problem that led to the deactivation of some Windows Update features was no longer possible (reason were aftershocks of the removal of PsExec tools). Thanks to Hans for the info!
  • - Update of the French text by wiwi2301
  • (13.03.2016)
  • - Elimination of the need of Psexec.exe tools for identifying / Uninstalling system apps, and find, download and install Windows updates on W10Privacy. The Psexec.exe tool is therefore no longer needed and, if present, are removed from the W10Privacy folder. Also, the parameter "psexec_mode" in the W10Privacy.ini can be removed, it is no longer tightened. I hope that within W10Privacy all related to the Psexec.exe Tool instructions and messages are adjusted. It may also be that the above two functions on systems that previously so had difficulty now undergo clean! I can confirm this, at least for two systems! The less W10Privacy rely on external tools, the easier of course if necessary, the problem analysis.
  • - If one of the conditions for the Windows Updates Search is not given, so a meaningful message now appears (to obtain previously a blank message box).
  • - Update of the French text by wiwi2301
  • (07.03.2016)
  • - The automatic update is not still working in v. unfortunately. Now have some further adjustments are made so that the update of W10Privacy v. upwards should funktioeren again! :)
  • (07.03.2016)
  • - Add the two "Privacy" options "apps from accessing and sending e-mails" and "Show No App suggestions (Advertising) in the start menu"
  • - Update of the French text by wiwi2301

Changes for v2.0.0.0 - v2.0.0.1

  • - The interim update of Jimdo layout obviously the download links have changed. This now leads to the fact that the automatic update of v. fails (it is instead the same version downloaded). Starting from this version of the new link is included, so that future updates should work again.
  • - The designation of progress in the Windows updates search should now be correct in all languages.
  • - Complement the French texts by wiwi2301.

Changes for v1.8.0.6 - v2.0.0.0

  • - Integration of the new "Windows Updates (search / download / installation)": About W10Privacy it is now possible, on the one hand, the fully automatic installation of Windows to prevent updates, nevertheless search on demand via W10Privacy to available updates and then selectively install. This means that about installing unwanted updates (such. As the automatic Windows 10 Update of Win8.1 on Win10) can be selectively disabled. Before using this function ( "Extras") hurts a little look into the updated instructions not!
  • - Adding a further telemetry firewall rule with blockable IP addresses

Changes for v1.8.0.5 - v1.8.0.6

  • "From a retail OneDrive prevent synchronizing files" Adding the new "OneDrive" option -
  • - Adding two additional telemetry firewall rules with blockable IP addresses

Changes for v1.8.0.3 - v1.8.0.5

  • - Complement the Spanish texts, thanks to Enrique for the translations!
  • (21.01.2016)
  • - Adding the tweaks "Windows 10 update and in this respect shown commercials disable" for Windows 8 systems.
  • - In the title bar of the shortcut used (user or administrator-context) is displayed.
  • - Small Revision of descriptions

Changes for v1.8.0.2 - v1.8.0.3

  • - Updating the blockable IP addresses (now there are 19 firewall rules)
  • - Revision of texts (thanks to wiwi2301!)

Changes for v1.8.0.1 - v1.8.0.2

  • - Adding the new option "Apps deny access to my call list" in the tab "Privacy".
  • - Minor bug fixes, including: Selected one twice in a row "Save As", a text was displayed instead of the path to an INI file.
  • - Revision of texts

Changes for v1.6.2.0 - v1.7.0.0

  • - From the current W10Privacy version ("Cache.ini" in the file), the already displayed to the user settings are retained. Based on this show future W10Privacy versions when each first start newly added settings with the additional text "*** NEW ***" on. This makes it easy for users to identify the meantime newly added settings on the fly.
  • - Adding two additional tasks for Office 2016 deactivatable (the tasks are displayed only if Office 2016 and installed these tasks are also available)
  • - Updating the blockable IP addresses (it now exists 18 firewall rules)
  • - Amended several message window so that they are always displayed in the foreground
  • - In the "About W10Privacy" window will now be the default e-mail program opens when you click on the e-mail address correctly again
  • - Integration of Spanish lyrics, heartfelt thanks to Enrique for the translations!
  • - Complement the French texts by wiwi2301, also to you my best thanks!

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