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Version history for WatchHDTV

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Changes for v1.950 - v1.960

  • Added support for all compatible BDA HDTV Tuners through the use of WatchHDTV Info utility
  • WatchHDTV Info- added install DVR-MS filters, uninstall/install TS filters
  • Current tuners: ATI HDTV Wonder, DVICO FusionHDTV, Avermedia A180, VBox DTA HDTV cards, KWorld ATSC 110, Artec USB T14A, AutumnWave OnAir GT, FujiPlus USB FD-USB728, KWorld ATSC 310U, ATI TV Wonder 650, Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950, Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro, Geniatech U6010A USB, Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600, ADS Instant HDTV, and HP/Hauppauge Expresscard HDTV Tuner

Changes for v1.941 - v1.950

  • Added support for the ADS Instant HDTV PCI Tuner and the HP/Hauppauge Expresscard HDTV Tuner
  • Added support for the newest Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro tuner driver
  • WatchHDTV Info- added ability to create a decoders.txt file
  • - Select a Video and Audio decoder to use, then press "Create decoders.txt" button and file will created for you in the current directory
  • WatchHDTV Scheduler- entries for new tuners
  • ADS Instant HDTV- "WatchHDTV Standby16"
  • HP/Hauppauge Expresscard- "WatchHDTV Standby17"
  • New Version numbering scheme- For WatchHDTV, WatchHDTVPlay, WatchHDTVSched, WatchHDTVSR, WatchHDTVPlugin-
  • - .9- reflects major changes and new features
  • - 5- reflects added support for new tuners
  • - 0- reflects minor changes and fixes
  • So from 1.941 to 1.950- Reflects added support for the tuners, update for Pinnacle driver and a possible bug fix for the Pinnacle tuner registry entries

Changes for v1.94 - v1.941

  • WatchHDTV Scheduler- Fixed Standby Issue with multiple tuners. Follow the same instructions for 1.94 below except name the task as follows according to the tuner used-
  • HDTV Wonder= "WatchHDTV Standby0"
  • FusionHDTV= "WatchHDTV Standby1"
  • FusionHDTV USB= "WatchHDTV Standby2"
  • AverTVHD A180= "WatchHDTV Standby3"
  • VBox TV Tuners= "WatchHDTV Standby4"
  • Kworld ATSC 110= "WatchHDTV Standby6"
  • OnAir HDTV GT= "WatchHDTV Standby7"
  • FujiPlus USB= "WatchHDTV Standby8"
  • Artec T14A USB= "WatchHDTV Standby9"
  • KWorld ATSC 310U= "WatchHDTV Standby10"
  • ATI TV Wonder 650= "WatchHDTV Standby11"
  • WinTV HVR950= "WatchHDTV Standby12"
  • PCTV HD Pro= "WatchHDTV Standby13"
  • Geniatech U6010A USB= "WatchHDTV Standby14"
  • WinTV HVR1600= "WatchHDTV Standby15"
  • FusionHDTV- Fixed support for FusionHDTV release version 3.60.01 which changed some device names
  • Plug-ins- Updated to support holding volume up/down buttons to change volume
  • WatchHDTVInfo- First release 1.0
  • Will list all tuners installed, MPEG-2 video decoders, AC-3 audio decoders, and check for DVR-MS and .TS filters. This can take the place of using Graphedit, DSFMGR, or similar tool to check for the names of the various filters.

Changes for v1.93 - v1.94

  • Support for the Geniatech U6010A USB and Hauppauge HVR1600 added
  • Geniatech U6010A- there is an issue that prevents any recording/timeshifting from working and when WatchHDTV is opened, the initial channel will not be tuned correctly but changing the channel will then tune them properly. This issue will be inquired about and hopefully fixed.
  • Hauppauge HVR1600 hasn't been tested yet
  • Hauppauge HVR950- There is an issue with silent recordings(both dvr-ms and ts versions) where the recordings have skipping and do not come out properly. This will be inquired about and hopefully fixed.
  • For both Hauppauge tuners- you should be able to use the included Hauppauge decoders in a decoders.txt- they are "HCW MPEG-2 Video Decoder" and "HCW AC3 Audio Decoder".
  • Fixed recording/timeshifting registry issue with Hauppauge HVR950
  • WatchHDTV-
  • per channel volume level can be saved
  • channel entry for subchannel defaults to 1 instead of -1 now
  • Signal strength- signal strength for tuners without proper readings will now be shown as the values provided by the tuner and may not be based on a 0-100% range and can be negative. To calibrate signal strength meter, open the signal strength window and unplug the antenna. You will get a value for the minimum(or zero) strength signal and then plug the antenna back. Leave the meter open and go through your channels(by changing the channels with the mouse when over the video window) to obtain the highest signal strength, and this will become your maximum. The minimum and maximum values will then be shown in the top left corner, and the signal strength meter will then be based upon those values. The sound for the meter will not work when this is working.
  • Examples- You unplug the antenna and get a reading of -5000. Plug the antenna back, tune all channels, and get a maximum of 4000. So if you get a reading of 0, that is likely around 50%. If you get a reading of 2500, that is likely around 70%+. If you get a minimum of 0, and maximum of 30000, then a reading of 20000 would be about 67%.
  • WatchHDTVPlay-
  • Time display setting can be saved
  • WatchHDTV Scheduler-
  • Right-clicking the system tray icon will no longer result in a possible taskbar menu appearing
  • Issues with events daily/weekly events crossing past 12AM should be fixed
  • Back-to-back recordings- a delay option is now available that will delay the start of the second of the back-to-back recordings. The range is from 0-30 seconds. The delay will be applied to all silent recordings.
  • Silent recordings- Save to button has been replaced. To choose a location, right-click on the location box to open the Browse for Folder window.
  • Adding/Editing/Removing events- Add button now only adds events or brings up a menu to save/cancel editing events. You can right-click events to bring up a popup menu to remove or edit the event. When editing the event, the Add button will change to Editing and will be used to save or cancel the editing.
  • Shutdown Computer- The computer can now be shutdown after a silent recording event. After a silent recording is done, the scheduler will wait 4 minutes and then a popup will appear to notify that a shutdown will occur in 60 seconds. To cancel a shutdown when the popup is shown, type in command prompt or run "shutdown -a" and this will abort the shutdown. If a silent recording event is stopped before finishing, then the shutdown will not occur.
  • Standby- It is highly recommended that you only use this if your computer is already able to wake and resume reliably and stably. The scheduler can now resume the computer from standby(S1/S3). The computer will wake the computer 5 minutes before a scheduled event. To enable standby support, the Windows Task Scheduler must be enabled and a scheduled task must be created. Add a scheduled task and choose either command prompt or browse to WatchHDTVSR.exe. Make it a one time only task and make the time in the past so it doesn't occur. If you use an account with a password, enter your password and finish. If you don't use a password, leave the password blank and you must change the following registry key- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\limitblankpassworduse- to 0. If you don't change the registry key, blank passwords will not be allowed and scheduled tasks will not occur. After adding the task, right-click the task and select properties. If you chose the command prompt, in the run box after cmd.exe, add " /k exit" so it looks like this "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k exit". This will cause the command prompt to open and close. If you chose WatchHDTVSR, it will open and close immediately. Then rename the task to "WatchHDTV Standby". Whenever silent recording events are added, the task will be updated with the needed date and time. After the event is finished, the computer will enter standby at it's regular time. If no task with that name exists, then the scheduler will not wake the computer.

Changes for v1.923 - v1.93

  • Support added for the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro and Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950

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