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Version history for WhereIsIt

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Changes for 2011.201 - 2012.104

  • Added (preliminary) support for operating with catalog files (.ctf) larger than 2GB. Your file system must be able to handle files of that size, and any single disk image in catalog must still be under 2GB in data size once saved. Note that getting catalog files anywhere near 2GB in size requires some reflection on your actions and intentions, as you are likely heavly abusing thumbnails, or otherwise getting way too much data in a single catalog file. Organizing cataloged data and breaking it down into more catalogs would be strongly recommended.
  • Improved performance when moving around large chunks of data, like copying huge disk images between catalogs.
  • Improved catalog saving performance due to optimized write caching.
  • Other miscellaneous minor adjustments and improvements.

Changes for 2010.104 - 2011.201

  • Minor maintenance release.
  • Optimized the pattern of media access operations, resulting in up to 15% faster media scanning on some specific, slower media types.
  • Added support for two additional different variants of TIFF files to the appropriate thumbnails plugin.
  • Improvements and several adjustments to both IMDB the TheTVDB plugins, improving title detection and accuracy of search results.
  • Improved internal diagnostic of host system related problems, such as missing or non-functioning system components, resulting in friendlier and clearer error messages from the program rather than failures or generic errors being reported by the system.
  • The setup program will now specifically check if WhereIsIt is running before attempting installation, and warn the user.
  • Updated DcrawPlugin to the latest version of dcraw.c.
  • Several other miscellaneous minor adjustments and improvements.

Changes for v3.97 Build 622 - 2010.104

  • Minor cumulative service release, focusing on fixing odd errors and addressing annoyances.
  • Added Locate in Catalog ribbon item and menu option when browsing catalog by categories.
  • Search by Tags option was missing from the advanced search editor menu, and is now once again available.
  • Addressed a problem on some systems where editing descriptions in the Description Window and switching items in a very specific way would result in one of items ending up with other's description.
  • Fixed Del key interfering as a shortcut for a ribbon item when editing text in the main window, such as editing descriptions or renaming items.
  • Fixed an error being reported if creating a new catalog while no other catalog is loaded at the time, or has been loaded before.
  • Fixed an error occurring when closing a catalog in a specific way.
  • Updated DcrawPlugin to the latest version of dcraw.c.
  • A few other minor improvements, for example snappable listview columns when resizing on Windows Vista and Seven.

Changes for v3.96 Build 330 - v3.97 Build 622

  • Windows 7 is now officially supported operating system.
  • Enhanced network browsing in Add/Update Disk Image dialog for slow, very large, or unresponsive / misconfigured networks. Added new browsing mode that disables scanning for available network resources and allows only manually entering desired UNC address. Implemented network "safe mode" that will automatically switch to disabled network scanning the next time program is run, if the last network scan resulted in program to stop responding due to long network timeouts and had to be terminated.
  • Updated dcraw.c plugin to the latest version, included workaround in the wrapper that allows dcraw.c accessing files with Unicode names.
  • Updated several plugins for increased robustness dealing with invalid files.
  • Minor visual user interface improvements, like themed main menu in Windows XP and newer with visual themes enabled.
  • Minor maintenance release.
  • Fixed errors when using Update All Disks function for mass updating in combination with certain settings, like ejecting disks after scanning.
  • Minor user interface changes, for example redesigned language options.
  • Other minor adjustments and improvements of both program and plugins, most of them targeted at improved stability in specific uncommon situations.
  • Minor maintenance release.
  • Adjusted IMDB plugin for changes on the IMDB web site, and for correctly handling specific titles.
  • Several improvements to the new TheTVDB plugin.
  • Fixed a few related problems with adding/updating disks when multiple catalogs are being in use at the same time.
  • Invoking Catalog Manager would fail with an error if disks were first rearanged using drag&drop. Fixed.
  • Several other minor fixes.
  • Introducing new major runtime plugin, targeted at TV series collections. TheTVDB TV series plugin is similar to the IMDB plugin, extracting details about TV series and individual episodes from the web site, using their API interface with XML data retrieval. The plugin features automatic file name cleanup, season/episode detection, utilizes smart data caching to minimize data download, and is optimized for extracting information for multiple files at once with as little interference and user input as possible.
  • Added native UDF file system support to ISO images. UDF file system is used on newer media like DVDs, replacing already support CDFS. WhereIsIt can now read contents and extract files from UDF formatted ISO images.
  • Added UDF ISO image plugin, providing description for UDF ISO image files.
  • Enhanced Application Icons thumbnail plugin, instead of default 32x32 icons it now extracts the largest available icon size to be used as a thumbnail.
  • User interface in advanced search expression editor has been optimized for faster and easier editing of search expressions. Context-sensitive popup menu has been added for quick, on-the-spot editing. You can also quickly enlarge search expression font size, choosing between three different sizes for easier readability.
  • As in Explorer, when renaming files only the file name part is preselected for editing without the file extension, making it easier to rename files and safeguarding against accidental extension changes.
  • Several minor user interface adjustments, like the size of icons in message boxes complying with high DPI settings.
  • Fixed moving disk groups between different catalogs using drag&drop. In certain cases of groups structure, disk groups hierarchy wouldn't be preserved in the target catalog. Moving disk groups with Catalog Manager instead of using drag&drop was not affected.
  • Several other miscellaneous minor adjustments and improvements.

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