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Version history for Winja

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Changes for v6.0 - v7.1

  • 2019/05/27 : Overall stability improved and few tiny bugs fixed.
  • 2019/05/28 : Better command line support. You can continue to scan files through command line while Winja is already running.
  • 2019/05/31 : Most lists now support tablet mode (The list rows height can be set to big or normal[default]).
  • 2019/05/31 : Extra Tools, you can send selected / checked items by clicking on new bottom buttons (optimized for tablet usage).
  • 2019/06/08 : Quick Process Scan, you can now scan all running process.
  • 2019/06/10 : Shell Extension patching improved to patch system with newest version of Shell Extension.
  • 2019/06/10 : Shell Extension now support scanning folder (only one sub level).
  • 2019/06/10 : Shell Extension now allow to open/restore Winja directly from Explorer Context Menu.
  • 2019/06/13 : Main window now has a blue ribbon, it will be later possible to customize this ribbon for a future special feature.

Changes for v5.1 - v6.0

  • Phrozen Engine Window Updated to version 2.0.
  • Phrozen Engine Buttons Updated to version 2.0.
  • Window’s placement and size are now saved between Winja sessions.
  • Extra Tools: Process viewer list improved and optimized
  • Extra Tools: Startup viewer list improved and optimized
  • Extra Tools: Services viewer list improved and optimized
  • Extra Tools: Task scheduler list improved and optimized
  • Extra Tools: Service viewer list now include service state
  • Download and Scan and Quick Process Scan window improved
  • SHA1 column added to scan report list
  • Status column added to scan report list (Clean, Dangerous, Infected)
  • Scan report history now fit new colors of scan report list
  • Desktop notification system memory consumption optimized
  • Shell Extension optimized both for 32 and 64bit
  • Winja now support French language as user interface alternative
  • Shell Extension now support French language
  • Shell Extension now support icon next to menu text
  • Shell Extension is now code signed with our certificate
  • Desktop Widget has been optimized
  • User interface texts has been updated to be more friendly

Changes for v4.1.2 - v5.1

  • The Interface has been recreated from scratch, with the Phrozen Engine implemented throughout 99% of the UI.
  • Download & Scan now support resume if canceled or if a task is cleanly closed by user.
  • The VirusTotal Scanning Interface has been revisited from scratch, and now includes the use of PPL for parallelism. The UI is now more responsive and supports more tasks at the same time.
  • The Notification System is friendlier. It can be set as “stick” or “time expire”, and its position in Desktop is customizable.
  • The Networking Process has been completely revisited, and is the first feature to implement a “Caption Bar Marquee”.
  • Some List views have begun to be standardized.
  • The embedded result list was removed from the program in order to respect the API EULA.
  • SQLite3 was removed and replaced by a more adapted database engine.
  • The VirusTotal link is now attached to the new version of VirusTotal.
  • The Command line has been optimized and supports single or multiple file scans.
  • Several known bugs and glitches were fixed.
  • The application is now standalone (portable).
  • Update System was temporarily removed. I prefer using the official website until Update System is implemented.

Changes for v4.1.0 - v4.1.2

  • When closing main window, the process now ends, now only minimize on system tray is optional and available. This is a more natural way of hiding application to tray.
  • Many parts of the program was recoded from scratch for the maintainability / stability / reliability / speed optimization
  • AAI (Advanced Application Inspection) is now fully dissociated from Winja and will be released as a separated application but bundled in a futur version of Winja when ready for deployment. This was done to make Winja lighter, again for maintainability and for 32 / 64 bit optimization when attaching an application. No ETA
  • Network Monitor added to Extra Tools. Two position mode available, align on caption bar or bottom of Extra Tools
  • Phrozen Material Menu updated to V2.0 and now support menu headers / fill glyphs / greyscale glyphs.
  • Process Viewer fully recoded using low level API's, support now process creation time and fix a rare but critical bug which freeze the whole program.
  • You can now disable the behavior of listing by parent > child Process Viewer items.
  • Delphi Compiler was updated from 10 Seattle to 10.2 Tokyo.
  • VirusTotal API's usage improved, scan tasks recoded from scratch which induce a better scan performance.
  • New scan option added, 'Never Submit Unknown Samples', for confidentiality reason, if a file report wasn't found on VT servers, you can disable the default behavior to upload a new sample for further analysis.
  • Logs added to Scanning Tasks frame, then you can follow the scanning process.
  • Download And Scan feature rethought and improved
  • Task Scheduler Listing feature recoded from scratch, and rethought to be more user friendly.
  • New option added to filter Antivirus Engine by detection
  • GUI
  • Winja main user interface updated
  • Phrozen material buttons updated to V2.0
  • Standardized beautiful icons
  • Phrozen Material Message Box component updated to V2.0
  • Phrozen Material Caption Bar updated to version 2.0 and support animation, textures etc...
  • Scanning Tasks design / ergonomics fully rethought
  • Results Tasks design / ergonomics fully rethought as well
  • Report Analysis Window design improved
  • BUGS
  • Minor bugs fixed in Windows Shadows
  • Rescan file bug fixed
  • Phrozen Material Notification implemented, beautiful notification style using Phrozen Material Graphical Engine.
  • Winja Desktop Widget updated and support now Opacity Level as new option

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