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Version history for xpy

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Changes for v1.3.7 - v1.3.8

  • added option to retrieve updates for Windows Embedded POSReady systems, even if using other
  • compiled using latest NSIS 3.0 beta 0

Changes for v1.3.6 - v1.3.7

  • Ixquick (aka Startpage) is now default search engine

Changes for v1.3.4 - v1.3.5

  • fixed bug in language selection dialog when called with language switch
  • fixed bug finding computer and user name when called with language switch
  • fixed bug not displaying some non-english dialogs

Changes for v1.3.3 - v1.3.4

  • fixed bug with component cleaners on 64-bit systems
  • improved method to detect Windows 7 SP1
  • modified /win dialog
  • modified some descriptions

Changes for v1.3.2 - v1.3.3

  • added new feature:
  • -disable Windows 8 synchronization
  • improved validation on start page

Changes for v1.3.1 - v1.3.2

  • added new browser options
  • added new mail client options
  • added support DuckDuckGo to search engines
  • improved Firefox and Thunderbird detection on Vista (and later)

Changes for v1.2.7 - v1.3

  • added Unicode compiler warning
  • added /assoc and /unassoc switches
  • added install option (xpy.exe /install)
  • added 48x48 icon
  • temporarily removed czech and polish translations
  • fixed user-name detection on pre-vista systems
  • modified help dialog

Changes for v1.2.4 - v1.2.5

  • added option to disable bonjour service
  • simplified macro structure
  • fixed file description for non-ixquick build
  • fixed a bug in google update service setting

Changes for v1.2.3 - v1.2.4

  • added new features:
  • -disable superfetch
  • -disable disk defragmenter service
  • -disable superfetch service
  • added option to remember languages
  • increased width of "save profile" dialog

Changes for v1.2.2 - v1.2.3

  • added option to disable the windows 8 metro start menu

Changes for v1.2.1 - v1.2.2

  • fixed bug language selection in combination with parameters or file input

Changes for v1.2 - v1.2.1

  • re-added missing translations
  • modified behaviour of language selection
  • fixed firewall selection in minixpy
  • fixed outfile naming in minixpy
  • fixed header colors in public source

Changes for v1.1.4 - v1.2

  • merged xpy and Vispa
  • added backward-compatibility for xpy/Vispa
  • improved response of color indicators
  • improved rdp port detection
  • removed OS specific warnings
  • fixed bug in WMUninstall
  • fixed bug in WDSDisable

Changes for v1.1.2.1 - v1.1.4

  • v1.1.4 (2011-09-01)
  • added translation for max connections label
  • added translation for rdp label
  • added color indicators for rdp state
  • v1.1.3 (2011-08-31)
  • added new features
  • - modify default rdp port
  • modified maximum connections setting
  • modified message when no settings selected
  • improved file output creation
  • fixed bugs when using Ask or Altavista for default search

Changes for v1.1.2 - v1.1.2.1

  • addded czech translation

Changes for v1.1 - v1.1.2

  • couple of minor cosmetics changes

Changes for v1.0.2.1 - v1.1

  • * added new features
  • -adjust for best performance of programs (windows server)
  • -disable internet explorer error reporting
  • -disable auto-completion in web forms
  • -disable auto-completion for passwords
  • -hide computer name in networks
  • -show extension for *.lnk, *.pif, *.scf and *.url files
  • * added option to export to registry-file
  • * added /reg parameter
  • * added missing restore functions for GenUnSysResponse, GenUnDisableUAC and GenUnSpyNet
  • * fixed bug in image acquisition service
  • * fixed typo in log window

Changes for v1.0.2 - v1.0.2.1

  • switched to upx header compression

Changes for v1.0.1 - v1.0.2

  • added new features
  • opt out Microsoft Spynet
  • progress-bar in Vista/Windows 7 taskbar
  • fixed bug with /lang switch

Changes for v1.0.0 - v1.0.1

  • fixed bug in GenWGA in /file mode
  • fixed bug setting restore points in /file mode

Changes for v1.0.0 Beta 4 - v1.0.0

  • added startup warning if using Windows 7
  • added bing to search engine list
  • fixed header compression
  • fixed lots of typos
  • changed project url to
  • removed cuil from search engine list
  • removed temporary dialog

Changes for v1.0.0 Beta 3.1 - v1.0.0 Beta 4

  • added support for 64-bit registry
  • fixed getting username on Windows7 (and perhaps Vista too)
  • fixed a bug restoring classic logon

Changes for v1.0.0 Beta 3 - v1.0.0 Beta 3.1

  • fixed startup bug

Changes for v1.0.0 Beta 2 - v1.0.0 Beta 3

  • added temporary dialog (translation request)
  • updated minixpy code
  • modified warning when running on vispa/windows 7
  • fixed /debug parameter

Changes for v1.0.0 Beta - v1.0.0 Beta 2

  • added /force parameter
  • removed backwards-compatibility function to pre-0.9 builds
  • removed wikia searchengine support
  • fixed caption bug on ioPage
  • fixed bug in FirstRun

Changes for v0.10.9 - v1.0.0 Beta

  • added new features
  • enable cd burning service (windows server)
  • enable image acquisition service (windows server)
  • disable shutdown reasons (windows server)
  • added gui for profiles making/saving
  • added installtypes for restore mode
  • added server2workstation installtype
  • modified commandline parameters
  • optimized code (search engines)
  • fixed bug in ServTelnet detection

Changes for v0.10.8 - v0.10.9

  • fixed restorepoint-notification bug in batch-mode
  • fixed bug in ServNetMeetingDesktop
  • fixed bug in ServTelnet detection

Changes for v0.10.7.1 - v0.10.8

  • added new features
  • delete my computer shortcut
  • delete my network shortcut
  • restore internet explorer shortcuts
  • restore outlook express shortcut
  • added support to delete default desktop shortcuts when using modern startmenu
  • added warning ITNo3rdParty installtype
  • added Cuil to search engine list
  • modified method to delete my documents shortcut
  • modified method to delete recycle bin shortcut
  • fixed internet explorer shortcut deletion
  • fixed bug in caption and sub-caption
  • fixed bugs in german translation

Changes for v0.10.7 - v0.10.7.1

  • re-added czech translation

Changes for v0.10.5 - v0.10.6

  • added new features: remove internet explorer 7. disable telnet
  • fixed bug in input mode, not loading the search engine in verbose mode
  • fixed bug in ask and altavista search engine strings
  • fixed bug in german DelSamplePlaylists translation
  • completed missing german translations

Changes for v0.10.4 - v0.10.5

  • added new features
  • disable universal plug and play
  • disable upnp discovery service
  • disable netmeeting desktop sharing
  • delete recycle bin shortcut
  • delete my documents shortcut
  • added new features for 3rd party applications
  • disable apple mobile devices service
  • disable ipod service
  • disable google updater service
  • disable google desktop sac
  • added option to abort if restore point failed
  • added two new installtypes
  • disables WDSDisable if WDSRemove selected
  • fixed bug batchfile not setting search engine properly
  • fixed bug batchfile not creating restore points
  • fixed bug in ServSchedTask
  • fixed bug with silent batch files
  • fixed bug in restore point failure reporting
  • fixed bug saving FirstRun
  • fixed bug in german MBDeleteIniWarning string
  • improved german translation
  • modified language order

Changes for v0.10.3 - v0.10.4

  • added new features
  • disable windows desktop search
  • remove windows desktop search
  • added /noreboot switch
  • re-added czech translation
  • re-enabled DelSamplePlaylists
  • fixed display bug in GenUnPrefetch
  • fixed possible bug in UsabDisableSounds autodetection
  • modified batch-mode to run passively
  • improved sourcecode configurability
  • improved sourcecode documentation

Changes for v0.10.1 - v0.10.2

  • added restore point capability for /file switch
  • added custom search engine capability for /file switch
  • added commandline support for advanced settings
  • added language detection for /lang switch (compile time)
  • added /flush switch
  • added /shortcuts switch
  • added more help switches
  • added more switches for conditional sourcecode compilation
  • modified restore point default state
  • fixed several bugs with /file switch
  • upgraded interface to MUI2

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