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eMule v0.30d released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 28 Nov 2003 14:52 User comments (2)

Developers of one of the most popular "alternative" P2P clients, eMule, have released a new version of this open source P2P tool. New version, eMule v0.30d fixes bunch of bugs and this time the changelog is rather small, compared to typical eMule updates :-)
Anyway, the full changelog for eMule v0.30d is here:
  • .: Missing language-dlls are now downloaded and installed automatically by emule
  • .: Changed auto-versioncheck to a DNS-based method which is more effictive. Also the auto-versioncheck is now enabled by default.
  • .: Updated MobileMule protocol to 6b
  • Ornis: some changes for less CPU load
  • Ornis: Searchlist: contextmenu also provides download in paused mode selection
  • Ornis: copy a selected comment to the clipboard [NoamSon]
  • Ornis: Save IRC/Messages-chats to disk (context menu)
  • Ornis: preferences-webinterface: enable/disable usage of GZIP compression
  • bluecow: Fixed rare occuring problem with staled server source request related to invalid part.met file contents.
  • bluecow: More safety in part.met file reading.
  • bluecow: Fixed problem with too frequently occuring server connection attempts with very short server lists.
  • bluecow: Fixed minor issue with queued local server source requests after new server connect.
  • bluecow: Fixed sorting of buffered part file blocks to achive less HD stress.
  • bluecow: Fixed memory leaks and flushing of buffered data to HD of paused files when file was canceled.
  • bluecow: Files which could not be completed because of not enough free disk space can be resumed manually to try another file completion process.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug in check min. free disk space which could cause endless low disk space notifications.
  • bluecow: Improved check min. free disk space for better handling NTFS compressed/sparse files.
  • bluecow: Fixed a bug where an NTFS compressed file could not be created because there was not enough free disk space to hold the uncompressed file.
  • Ornis: updated importer to load eD/ON v0.48 partfiles
  • Unk: Several bugs noted in the forum. Tried to check most of them.
    • Sources to a Paused or Stopped file will be removed once an hour to remove old sources..
    • We no longer send sources to Paused or Stopped files.
    • A better check of valid sources to Part files for source exchange.
    • Source exchanges for complete files now sends sources with obtained parts first.
  • Unk: Removed some redundent For Loops to save CPU in the DownloadQueue..
  • bluecow: Added grouping of local server source reasks packets into one TCP frame
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with check diskspace
  • bluecow: Fixed problem with lost read-only settings in pref.ini after version change
  • bluecow: Fixed server TCP overhead statistics
  • bluecow: Fixed HTTP download dialog string resources

And as usual, you can download the latest version from our site, using this URL:

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2 user comments

129.11.2003 11:30

Overnet OWNZ eMule in my opinion.

22.12.2003 21:54

I downloaded eMule, and their Help File. Thanks a lot ! It put a WORM on my computer. Luckily Norton Internet Security picked it up, but the alerts would not go away. Finally I had to delete eMule and the help file and the copies it made on my computer. I guess I should have scanned it before putting the help file in my eMule Folder. I hope there is someone who can look at this problem, so the next guy does not get this worm. cheers, Harrison

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