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Miscellaneous security tools

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SecurePassword Kit v4.2

SecurePassword Kit is a utility that provides several password security features, including a generator, strength checker and storage.

Date updated:06/15/2013 Downloads:156 Filesize:1.60 MB
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Crystal Security (portable) v3.7.0.20

Crystal Security (portable) is an anti-malware tool using a cloud--based system to detect and remove malware from your computer.

Date updated:11/02/2017 Downloads:154 Filesize:511.61 kB
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Strong Passwords Need Entropy v1.1

Strong Passwords Need Entropy is a tool that can test the strength of your passwords.

Date updated:06/11/2013 Downloads:153 Filesize:732.82 kB
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TweakNow SecureDelete v1.0.0 (beta 3)

TweakNow SecureDelete is a tool that can destroy the contents of files and make them unrecoverable.

Date updated:06/11/2013 Downloads:153 Filesize:1.73 MB
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SecurePassG v1.0

SecurePassG is a useful application written in Java that can generate strong, unique passwords.

Date updated:04/12/2013 Downloads:153 Filesize:22.83 kB
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ZHPDiag v2017.10.30.187

ZHPDiag can perform a quick and thorough operating system diagnosis.

Date updated:10/31/2017 Downloads:152 Filesize:2.79 MB
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Svchost Process Analyzer v1.1.0.44

Svchost Process Analyzer is a tool that checks svchost processes on your computer and checks the services they are hosting.

Date updated:09/17/2014 Downloads:150 Filesize:527.41 kB
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VirusTotal Uploader v2.2

VirusTotal Uploader is a free tool from VirusTotal to submit a currently active process, file or URL for virus analysis.

Date updated:12/25/2013 Downloads:150 Filesize:139.40 kB
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SRWare Password Decryptor v2.0

SRWare Password Decryptor is a tool that can decrypt and retrieve passwords stored by the SRWare Iron browser.

Date updated:05/05/2015 Downloads:149 Filesize:1.80 MB
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Elite Desktop Lock v4.0 beta

Elite Desktop Lock is a tool that can lock your computer with a USB device.

Date updated:05/01/2014 Downloads:149 Filesize:1.42 MB
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