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Version history for Calibre (Portable)

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Changes for v1.31.0 - v1.32.0

  • New Features
  • Fetch news: Allow automatically creating custom news sources by importing OPML files. Many RSS news reader programs can export their list of RSS feeds in the OPML format.
  • Conversion: When inserting metadata as a jacket page, alter the font sizes in the jacket so that the sizes match the sizes used in the rest of the book. Also pretty print the generated jacket HTML.
  • Allow searching for books by id and uuid using the id: and uuid: prefixes
  • Allow specifying arbitrary colors for column coloring rules
  • Bug Fixes
  • Update the version of openssl shipped in the binary builds (the version in the windows 64bit build was vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug)
  • Edit Book: Fix book being marked as modified even when no actual changes were done by various automated tools such as Smarten Punctuation, Subset Fonts, etc.
  • Fix ebook-device cp -f failing when destination file already exists
  • Closes tickets: 1303181
  • Ensure that the rendered dates in the book list and edit metadata dialogs are always in the same language as the calibre interface, regardless of system language setting
  • Edit metadata dialog: Remember window size for the cover download window
  • DOCX Input: Dont fail on DOCX files that contain pages with zero effective width.
  • Closes tickets: 1303022
  • Content server: Fix page not found error when clicking on a category that has only a single item in it
  • Send books to the Books folder for the Tolino Vision, as it cannot find books placed outside this folder
  • Edit book: Fix error when beautifying HTML files that contain un-indented
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