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Version history for Calibre (Portable)

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Changes for v2.10.0 - v2.11.0

  • New Features
  • Edit Book: Add a new 'function mode' for the Search and Replace tool
  • The function mode allows you to create python functions that run on the results of Search and Replace. This allows you to do arbitrarily powerful text processing. For example, you can automatically fix the case of text, automatically add section number to headings, and so on. For examples and documentation, see:
  • Bug Fixes
  • DOCX Input: Add support for multilingual documents.
  • Closes tickets: 1394428
  • Edit metadata dialog: Fix date fields being displayed in the UTC timezone instead of the local timezone, causing the day to be off by one in some timezones.
  • Closes tickets: 1393166
  • Conversion/Book polishing: Fix ampersands in title/series/publisher/author not being properly escaped.
  • Closes tickets: 1393230
  • Update the bundled version of libimobiledevice on windows, so that the iOS Reader plugin can connect to iOS 8 devices again
  • Fix a regression in 2.10 that causes Adding books from sub-folders, one book per folder to incorrectly add OPF files present in the sub-folders as an extra format.
  • Closes tickets: 1392864
  • Fix a regression in 2.10 that caused changes in Preferences->Adding books to not work for the next immediate add
  • Fix Ctrl-R while in debug mode not restarting in debug mode properly
  • Fix regression in evaluating composite columns that use other composite columns.
  • Improved news sources
  • Nikkei News

Changes for v2.9.0 - v2.10.0

  • New Features
  • Driver for the PocketBook Lux 2 with latest firmware.
  • Closes tickets: 1390720
  • Review downloaded metadata: Add suggestions for the tags, authors, publishers and series fields. Suggestions will pop-up as you type.
  • Closes tickets: 1390887
  • Add Books: Improve performance when adding large numbers of books at once
  • Add Books: Allow adding books from multiple ZIP/RAR archives, each containing many books, by right clicking on the Add Books and choosing 'Add from Archive'
  • Metadata download: Prioritize results that have the same language as the current calibre user interface language
  • Edit Book: Make the CSS used for styling the generated HTML Table of Contents user customizable via
  • Bug Fixes
  • E-book viewer: Fix popup footnotes not working on windows
  • Fix saving of searches that use the backslash to escape special characters not working
  • Closes tickets: 1392052
  • Save to disk: When multiple books end up with the same file name because they have the same metadata, automatically adjust the filename to make it unique.
  • Closes tickets: 863472
  • Fix ebook editor global menu not working on Unity when started from inside calibre
  • Get Books: Update the Amazon European store plugins for website changes
  • Edit Book: Fix handling of XML unsafe characters (like <, > and &) inside
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