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AviSynth is one of the most powerful video tools on the planet, which makes it very appealing to many people because it's also free. Unfortunately for some people, if you're not comfortable with writing scripts it's also somewhat cryptic and intimidating. Fortunately both things can be solved by choosing the right tool to write AviSynth scripts with. You may have already read our older guide on AVSEdit, which covers the use of a special tool that simplifies script creation. This guide focuses on another tool - AvsP, which is not only more powerful than AVSEdit, but also easier to use in many ways.

Automated Scripting

Although no tool can harness the complete power of AviSynth with just graphic (GUI) elements, AvsP does an amazing thing. It allows you to write simple scripts of the type you might need to edit commercials from TV captures or resize DVD sources to use square pixels without ever typing a single line of the script. By taking advantage of these tools and supplying a little information you can write scripts quickly and easily without ever learning how to write the instructions yourself. If you want you can even encode, either losslessly or to a destination format like DivX, directly from AvsP.

Using AviSynth

If you're not already somewhat familiar with AviSynth you may want to start with our guide on the subject, titled Using AviSynth 2.5. It covers a wide variety of uses for AviSynth, but can also be used to get just a basic overview before learning AvsP. Because that guide is organized into sections for specific filters or types of filter you can read what you need to and ignore the rest much of the time.

Scripting Walk Through

Included in this guide is a walk through describing the basic editing processes step by step. It shows how to write a script without ever editing a single line by hand. If you want to use AviSynth's power without spending a bunch of time on the interface this should be a big help.

Required Software:


Optional Software

Haali Media Splitter

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Written by: Rich Fiscus