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Splitting and Trimming MP3 Files

Maybe what you need is to cut the beginning or end off a MP3 file. Maybe it's a track from a live album and you don't want the monologue after the music stops. Or perhaps you just need to separate it into multiple files. You can do this easily with Mp3DirectCut.

Required Software

mp3DirectCutIf you need to trim an MP3 file or split it into multiple files you can use mp3DirectCut to do the job. It has a simple interface that shows you the waveform of the audio, making it relatively easy to identify fade in and out points or silence.

Splitting A MP3 File

The simplest operation in Mp3DirectCut is simply cutting an MP3 file into 2 pieces and saving it as 2 separate files. You can do this by finding the point you want on the waveform display and clicking on it. You'll see a gray line like the one shown above. This is where the file will be split. Go to the File menu and select Save split to output one MP3 file with the beginning and another with the end.

Saving A Section

If instead of splitting the file you only need to save part of it you can select a start point with the Set begin button, navigate to the end of the selection you wish to keep and click the Set end button, and then pick Save selection from the File menu to save the highlighted portion.

Future Audio Guides

As you've seen now, basic audio editing is simple enough that nearly anyone can do it. Much of what you read in this guide can also be applied to editing other audio in other formats. Future guides will provide instructions for editing AAC (MP4), AC-3, and lossless audio.

Other Audio Editing Guides

Check out some of our other guides for more help with your audio files.

How To Edit AAC (MP4) Audio

How to Edit MP3 AudioYou are viewing Page 4 of 4 -- Go to page 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

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