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CuteMX has been shut down

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 28 Jul 2000 7:05

GlobalScape announced yesterday that because of Napster's court case, they have shut down their CuteMX service. CuteMX is probably one of the best file sharing applications in the world, but unfortunately it works like Napster, with centralized servers, and therefor it can be easily shut down. Read their press release.
Now, there's only few server based file sharing apps left. One of those is Scour Exchange which we recommend currently. SX has also been sued, by MPAA, but the service is still up and running.

Also, peer-to-peer sharing applications are available -- most popular is probably Gnutella. These services can't be shut down, because they don't have any centralized server to connect with. There are several clients available for Gnutella, one of the alternative clients is GnOtella. Check them out.

And of course, good old web based MP3 search engines work still. Check out our own

Hopefully this crisis ends soon..

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