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European MP3 site is formed

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 25 Aug 2000 12:23

Four major MP3.xx domains have joined their forces to develop European MP3 site, running under the domain Four domains --,, and -- get already nice amount of traffic, biggest one of those is, by having over 12M users.
"We expect to be the biggest community of mp3 in the world, with a customer base of 400 million users," says General Manager Gilles Babinet.

Interesting to see if it's enough to have bunch of MP3.xx domains to achieve that goal. Although it was enough to get a huge boost for back in 1997, but their business model was also something that was totally new and well designed.

Oh, yes -- is impossible to get, because it defines a name of a technology and Finnish domain name authority don't give out domains like that :-)

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