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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2000 22:04

Time to list last week's most popular "runner-ups" on our charts. Few interesting notes there -- BritneyParadise skin made it to the top 10 charts, proving the old fact that with beautiful woman you can sell whatever you want ;-) Also, the success of our own skins continues -- all of them made it to the Skins Top 10 again.
One thing what's annoying me is the dominance of video tools -- don't get me wrong, I love video editing, DivX etc, but they are too dominant compared to MP3 tools. We will probably separate these two charts into Top Audio and Top Video charts later this year.

Anyhoo, here are the charts -- all software/skin/track names are links to particular item, just click them and you're ready to go..

Hot programs

1. ALLnONE frontend for Bytefaker's Rip Pack
2. cladDVD v1.61
3. DVD2MPG Squeezer v1.16
4. FlasK MPEG v0.594
5. WinDVD 2000 v2.2 Trial Version (English)
6. DivX ;-) MPEG4 Codec release 3.11 alpha
7. AVI-Plugin v0.15 beta 3
8. The AngelPotion video codec v1.0 build 702
9. SmartRipper v1.1
10. VirtualDub v1.4b

Hot MP3s

1. Grinister : "Have You Ever Wondered Why"
2. Robert Schilling : "Heartbreak Girl Estranger"
3. EMS-Project : "The Ballad of Silence"
4. Grinister : "Sick of Silence"
5. Robert Schilling : "Chase"
6. Ektinen : "Ei mikään feikki MC:sii"
7. Robert Schilling : "Shotgun Memories"
8. Robert Schilling : "Tore Me Inside"
9. Robert Schilling : "I Ask Why"
10. EMS-Project : "Liquid World - the North Sea remix"

Hot skins

1. Blue Dawn v1.1
2. 062-AZD v1.0
3. Red Dawn v1.0
4. Black Dawn v1.0
5. BritneyParadise
6. kenwood rack
7. 3210 Amp
8. a309 v1.10
9. 1960 v1.0
10. Asmith Network v2.1

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