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Napster goes to court again

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 01 Oct 2000 5:44

Tomorrow is yet another court date for Napster. It's time for appeals court hearings in case of Napster vs. RIAA.
In July, when judge Patel almost shut down the whole service, appeals court stayed that decision and now it's their time to hear opinions from both sides.

Napster will yet again use their same arguments -- Audio Home Recording Act and Sony Betamax case. Napster -- and even some copyright experts -- believe that these two legal arguments might be enough to keep Napster in the business. At least until the case goes to supreme court, where many expect it to be headed.

Napster's case is not just about Napster, tho. It's also about the whole peer-2-peer sharing ideology and also about Scour Inc. which is going to face similiar charges from MPAA and RIAA later this year.

So, again we're waiting for court to give their opinion. And boy, this process is going to take a while.

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