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No decisions on Napster's case -- yet

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2000 19:57

Monday's formal hearings didn't offer anything dramatic -- same old phrases and arguments were heard, maybe a little bit more sharpened format, but the core is still the same.
Appeals court judges seem to be more critical to RIAA's arguments than judge Patel was in July. They, for example, argued to RIAA's argument which claimed that Napster should take the responsibility because they know the material what users transfer -- judge Mary Schroeder answered "Napster doesn't have any idea what's being transmitted".

Judge Schroeder also appeared to question the "fairness" of a music industry which promotes the sale of albums over singles. "I can no longer go out and buy a 45 record. I have to buy an album," she said. "Napster's users are getting songs."

Anyway, the case continues and Napster can continue its operations at least until appeals court decision is ready -- its expected to be ready in no less than couple of weeks.

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