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Real released the Mobile RealPlayer

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Mar 2001 12:08

Now, when you take a look at our news offerings in past couple of days, you might start to wonder if these guys are totally shifting their focus on wireless technologies. But no, we're not - it's just that the wireless development and multimedia are currently the bundle that makes the most interesting digimedia news nowadays.
Anyways, RealNetworks released their latest product in Tuesday -- Mobile RealPlayer, the crown jewel of the development contract Real and Nokia made in last summer.

Mobile RealPlayer is the wireless version of highly popular RealPlayer and this first version is going to be shipped with Nokia's upcoming model, 9210, later in this year.

Mobile RealPlayer brings Real's audio and video formats available for wireless world for the first time. Nokia's 9210 uses Symbian operating system (which is based on Psion's EPOC32 operating system), has color screen and is combination of cell phone and PDA -- just like it's predecessors 9110 and 9000 (both often dubbed as "communicator").

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