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Scour Exchange re-opens - legal & web-based this time

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 May 2001 5:09

Scour Exchange used to be the best way to download other-than-MP3 files from the Net, but company faced legal problems from MPAA and was forced to shut down and file Chapter 11 last year.
Later company's assets were sold to CenterSpan Communications who now finally launched a new legal version of Scour Exchange. But just think about it a minute -- companies are transforming P2P applications to legal ones.. If you only have certain amount of media that is allowed, why in hell you should even run P2P network when you can actually just store the content in server and deliver it via web site?

And that's exactly the conclusion CenterSpan has gone to -- new Scour Exchange is just a piece of ActiveX that you need to install to your browser so it can keep track of your downloads. But the actual file browsing, downloading, etc is done through their website.

So, this once nice & cool P2P application is now just a web site that licenses content from EMusic... Pretty boring.

But if you insist checking it out, visit their website:

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