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RIAA sued Aimster

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 May 2001 7:14

Yeah, yeah, old news.. RIAA sued p2p company Aimster in last week's Thursday with almost exactly the same arguments as it sued Napster in 1999.
"Aimster is Napster all over again," Cary Sherman, general counsel for the RIAA, said in a statement. "Beneath the added bells and whistles lies the same service that Napster provides."

And as Aimster supports also other than MP3 files unlike Napster, it's expected to see MPAA to file similiar suit against Aimster later.

Interesting thing is that AOL Time Warner didn't join to RIAA's suit, but filed its own suit against Aimster -- AOL says that Aimster isn't a threat against just music, but content overall and as AOL owns music, video and book companies it felt like filing its own suit.

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