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New artist of the month (or two..)

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Jul 2001 2:07

Our staff has selected a new "artist of the month" (tends to change every 2 months or so ;-). New artist of the month is Orgasmatron, here's a copy/paste from our hype text shown on front page:
"The Orgasmatron started as a project in 1999. SuMo, the head of this one-man band, presented some of his early work at and wanted a band name that would lure visitors to his page. Later he discovered that Orgasmatron is also the name of a Mötorhead song.

To compose his music SuMo uses a computer, various software, a bass and a Fender Rhodes seventythree. He uses a lot of loops. Either selfmade ones from real instruments or sampled from other artists.

A few years ago he did mostly techno and similar music. Now he hasswitched mostly to acid jazz and trip-hop.

His aim is to make music that is good for lounging. He doesn't care much for lyrics and melody -- groove is imperative.

Listening to his songs you can hear that he has definitely achieved what he has been aiming for -- music that is easy and enjoyable to listen to."

Visit Orgasmatron's homepage.

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