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World's first Mt.Rainier compliant CD-RW software

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 04 Apr 2002 11:06

WriteCD-RW!(TM) Pro v3.0 for MS Windows supports Mt. Rainier class CD-RW drives with a drag & drop interface, defect management, background formatting, disk repair, file recovery, and a reader for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives.
Software Architects, Inc. (SAI) announced today the release of WriteCD-RW! Pro(TM) version 3.0 for MS Windows(TM)XP. WriteCD-RW! Pro is the first software in the world that formats, reads and writes discs in the new ``Mt. Rainier'' Format (also called ``Easy Write'' format) drives. The software also provides ``drive letter access'' read/write support for standard CD-RW drives.

Mt. Rainier specification CD-RW drives are now shipping from several manufacturers. This new specification is expected to be adopted by most PC manufacturers during 2002.


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