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P2P increases music sales

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 May 2002 9:21 User comments (4)

Jupiter Media Metrix survey found the fact that most of us already knew -- use P2P tools and you're more likely to buy more music.
34% of P2P networks' users said that they're increased the amount they spend on music CDs because of the P2P usage. 15% said that they spend less money now when they use P2P networks and 51% said that they spend the same amount as before P2P.

This is compared to people who didn't use P2P networks -- only 19% said that they've increased the amount they spend on music CDs annually. Other technologies, such as CD writers or MP3 players, didn't impact on music spending at all.

Only problem is just to get courts to understand this...

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4 user comments

16.5.2002 6:35

Before i used P2P didnt buy music cds at all i just borrowed ones off me friends, mainly cause i cudnt afford them and i wasnt choosy, but now i download a tune, if i like it i go and i delete the download and buy the single/album. if i dont i delete anyway. try before u buy! sounds better on cd most of the time anyway.

26.5.2002 7:00

I'm almost certain that the same study would apply to movies as well. I buy way much more DVD movies if I've seen the movie previously -- as I don't have a chance to get out too often to go to actual movie theatre (being a dad to a small kid and living in different country where you don't have your mom / pop / friendsto look after your kid every now and then), I prefer to screen the movies that I d/l and if I like the movie, I buy it on DVD.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

37.5.2002 3:06

I counted that Ive bought about 6 albums because of music Ive dowloaded from P2P-services. And Im a guy that dont buy alot of CDs. Many artists only have a few good tracks on their album, most of which is never released as a sinle. Is it so bad to download the track/s? And who wants to listen to a record with one or two tracks anyway? has a service which lets you listen to about 30 seconds of each track. I would much rather listen to the whole song then just the best part. Most of the worlds internet-users are still restricted to a modem(56K). Its not too snappy to download every song on an album. You pay almost as much for dowloading as you would for the album. Yes, broadband connections provide a new threat, but a CD is more then just the music. Cover art, greatings from the artist/band... I would much rather buy the CD then download the tracks and then stick them on a CD-R. In my oppinion CDs cost too much. I saw a TV-program a few yeras back which estimated that counting the all-around costs, CDs shouldnt still cost 20 . And what is more important, music or making money of it? When speaking about pop(Britney Spears, Nsync...), I think the answer is pretty clear. But that just my oppinion.

47.5.2002 12:09

as a musician first and video guy second.i would love to hear our music in everybodys car and not have 1 dollar..also i read somewhere that before napster closed,cd sales were up very high and after they closed sales went way down...p2p programs are starting to get scarce. i know the ones that are available, but certain others become popular and the other ones seem to fade away.

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