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First worm hits KaZaA network

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 May 2002 14:32 User comments (3)

Phew, yet another KaZaA-related article for this week.. Getting hectic... Anyway, it appears that world's first KaZaA-targeted worm has been found.
The small worm poses itself as a pirated software/movie/track and if user downloads it and tries to open the file, it creates tons of replicas of itself in users harddrive, with various tempting names and finally sets the directory as one of the KaZaA's shared directories, allowing other network users to find and download the files as well.

Worm can also infect other Fasttrack-based clients, including Grokster and extremely unofficial KaZaA Lite.

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3 user comments

122.5.2002 2:31

Hello!!!! i have the kazaa Worm!! and it sux i hate it!! i know where the file Map Is!!!!! But i dont know how to stop kazaa worm from beeing at my comp!! Plzz help me!! Tell me how to get it out from my comp!!! I hate it!!! Answear this Question if ure nice!! Plz it is enoying hehe!!


223.5.2002 9:57

wipe your system and start over...... and try Morpheus .....

324.5.2002 2:54

I use kazaa for file sharing and i had banjamin too. you don't need to whipe your system to get rid of benjamin just delete explorer.scr and delete a registry entry. You can find more info here

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