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Alliance Entertainment buys Liquid Audio

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Jun 2002 15:12 User comments (3)

Alliance Entertainment, a privately held company which provides various online services in music sector, has agreed to buy one of the best-known old online music companies, Liquid Audio.
The financial terms of the contract were not disclosed, but the information came only week after Liquid Audio's shareholders called the company to put itself up for sale. Company made revenue of $135,000 in its first quarter and meanwhile lost a whopping $4.9M.

Liquid Audio has developed its secure music format and DRM system for years -- it was a pioneering company in this emerging area of business back in 1990s. Company provides secure tracks from major record labels to online retailers such as

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3 user comments

114.6.2002 5:06

Liquid Audio? Not surprising. Too little, too late. Heavy DRM. (Ughhh) I dabbled with it once just out of curiosity; and I wasn't particularly thrilled with it. Just one of another couple dozen audio formats whose time has come to be put out to pasture. RIP. Don't slam the door on your way out. -- K.A. --

214.6.2002 15:58

I've always wondered how you can actually spend $5M within three months when you have already seen that your revenue isn't going to be even 1/10th of the expenses for running the business. Some of these guys should definately go to the local library and pick up some "Business Basics" books and study those until they set up their next business. Chapter 1: Company's only and sole goal is to make profit. End of period.

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Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

315.6.2002 1:12

Agreed. Maybe they were expecting something. Maybe somebody made them a promise which they wouldn't or couldn't keep. Maybe they were 'hanging on' pending the successful conclusion of some deal which didn't pan out. Maybe somebody broke a promise. Who knows? I don't think I ever actually *asked* for Liquid Audio -- that is -- I never consciously downloaded & installed it. It came packaged with something else, I forget what. (No, honest). Come to think of it, I *think* it was actually bundled with my Windows-98 disc, the one that came with my Packard-Bell computer. (The "system recovery disc") which I've had to use a couple of times. The damned thing (Liquid Audio) is in there I think, and I have to manually uninstall it. (Along with AOL, and a bunch of other unsolicited, useless stuff that M$ insisted on including). -- K.A. --

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