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Harry Potter DVD without Macrovision

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Jun 2002 15:51

Harry Potter DVD without Macrovision New Scientist has an interesting article which reveals that super-popular Harry Potter movie which was released on DVD in May, doesn't have Macrovision copy protection at all.
Macrovision's video protection can be found from virtually all DVD discs and commercial VHS tapes. Protection mechanism basically messes up with video sync signal and makes the video signal "unstable" so VCRs and DVD-recorders (stand-alone ones) can't record the video signal. And selling such VCRs in the U.S. which would circumvent this copy protection is illegal.

Now, since market is full of small "black boxes" that remove the Macrovision signal for you Warner has obviously thought that it might actually be cheaper not to include the Macrovision on the disc and see how it effects on piracy. Adding Macrovision copy protection costs appx. $0.05 a disc. Macrovision is removed at least from USA and UK release versions of the DVD.

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