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Congressman wants to give RIAA ability to flood P2P networks

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Jun 2002 14:23 User comments (1)

California congressman Howard Berman is currently preparing a bill that would ultimately allow copyright owners and their representative agencies, such as RIAA and MPAA, to block P2P networks by using technological weapons. Such weapons include denial-of-service attacks, flooding the networks with false files, jamming the networks by causing fake traffic peaks, etc.
Unsurprisingly, RIAA's spokesman already announced that they will support the concept of the bill. Tactics that the bill would allow copyright owners to use include sending fake download requests to file sharers and spoofing -- meaning that copyright owners would create fake files with desirable filenames and share those through P2P networks.

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1 user comment

127.6.2002 6:02

It doesn't matter what they do WE are always one step ahead of them!!! Cat and Mouse! We will reverse engineer anything they do, and take it from there!!! It can help them to create better security and keeps us on our toes; life is never boring. Regards, The Spock Campus

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