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Hantro introduces MPEG-4 capturing to Nokia 7650

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Jul 2002 13:13

Finnish Hantro has introduced a capturing software today that allows capturing real-time video stream into MPEG-4 format. What makes the product worth mentioning is the fact that it is designed for the Nokia 7650 mobile phone.
Nokia 7650, which is available at Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, uses Symbian operating system and includes digital camera built-in and this camera can be used as a digital camcorder when using Hantro's product. Hantro's encoding software allows resolutions upto CIF (352x288) resolution, allows sending the videoclips directly from the phone via email or by using MMS (multimedia messaging system) directly to other MMS-capable phone with MPEG-4 decoder.

Product is currently available only to operators and manufacturers, but Hantro is also considering bringing it to consumer markets when Symbian/Java/digicam phones get more popular.

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