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Blockbuster launches subscription trial

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2002 4:41 User comments (3)

World's largest video rental chain, Blockbuster (owned by Viacom), has launched a trial in several U.S. cities that aims to take share of current or future NetFlix user base.
NetFlix, a four-year-old company, offers unlimited DVD rentals through its website, delivered directly to subscriber's door (free shipping and return), for $19.95 a month. And as those who use NetFlix, are considered to be "hard-core DVD users", Blockbuster is obviously interested of this area of business.

Blockbuster's model is somewhat different anyway, they offer $19.99 monthly subscription where late fees don't apply until after 30 days and users can rent upto two films at once. Service is being offered currently in Houston, New York, Seattle and Phoenix. Difference between Blockbuster's subscription service and NetFlix is the fact that Blockbuster movies need to be rented from local Blockbuster stores while NetFlix doesn't have any physical rental chain whatsoever.


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3 user comments

110.8.2002 7:07

Actually, I just enrolled in this program 3 days ago in New Jersey. I pay $24/month and can rent up to 3 movies at any 1 time and there are no late fees at all until after my subscription ends (12 months). So I could basically hang on to these 3 movies for an entire year and not pay a penny in late fees. Best thing to happen to DVD's since Netflix! And much more convenient!

211.8.2002 16:09

Isn't NetFlix the same nowadays? Any 3 movies at a time, $19.95/month? Wish we had a similar service here in Finland, though. =)

Jari Ketola

315.8.2004 18:05

As for me I'm going to stan with NetFlix and get the 5 dvs at a time. Blockbuster is a BIG+++BIG joke

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