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Sanyo to mass-produce blue-laser parts

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2002 5:58 User comments (1)

According to Japanese newspapers, world's number three in red-laser diode market, Sanyo, will start mass-production of "next generation" blue-laser diodes in April, 2003.
Blue-laser, because of its shorter wavelength, allows storing almost six times more data on optical disc (26GB per side on normal 12cm disc) than now-used red-laser technology. Major manufacturers have already agreed on blue-laser DVD standard, dubbed as Blu-Ray which will debut on next year (when Japan begins terrestial digital TV broadcasting).

Source: Reuters via CNET

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112.8.2002 5:37

I hope they do better with blue laser than they have done with red, because my (admittedly) inexpensive Sanyo DVD-7201 player has caused me various shades of grief over the last couple of years when playing back self-recorded media. (mp3 data discs, and VideoCds). The Sanyo randomly skipped all over the place. Glitches, while not a major headache, appeared just about everywhere. I know the vcds *themselves* were just fine (Hey! I followed an exemplary how-to tutorial right here @ AfterDawn; why *wouldn't* my vcds be superb?) :-) After getting A Sony DVP-NS315 a few days ago, *all* the glitches/skips have vanished. Playback is now rock solid. Sony has *finally* come of age with it's ability to handle self-recorded discs. (Princo media no longer required). Oops.... (off-topic) :) Yes, I wish Sanyo better luck with it's blue than it's had with it's red. -- Klingy --

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