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Major database revamp completed

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Sep 2002 11:20 User comments (1)

We spent today 8 hours to transfer our software database to use a new database engine. This caused some glitches in the system, such as forums being unavailable for about 90mins.
We're sorry if this has caused problems to you. From now on, the whole site performance should be much better since the major part of our database, software items, use a new, separate db engine and that should speed up the existing db, that still contains our user db and other stuff, as well.

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1 user comment

119.9.2002 1:47

Darkness had swept the neighbourhood. The future was unclear. Yes, it was as everyone had feared: a/D's forums were *down*! The shock of this news had sent panic waves up and down the street. Neighbours had been banging on my doors, "Klingy, Klingy, Oh! Whatever shall we do? We know not what is happening in this world! Can you give us an update?" But alas, without the forums online, I knew not what to tell them. I could not predict the future for them without timely information from a/D. I knew my friends had come to depend on me to help steer them through the murky world of high tech. But without a/D, I knew not what to tell them. For ninety l-o-n-g minutes our neighbourhood was on hold. I could hear children crying in the background. In a plaintive wail, the dogs of doom (not to be confused with 'Doomy' - Doom9) howled ominously in the distance....... (And then I woke up) :) Welcome back !!!!! :-) -- Me -- P.S. - (Actually, I hadn't noticed you'd left). Chow.

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