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Europe enters into video-over-Net time

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2002 14:40 User comments (6)

European VOD (video-on-demand) operator, Moviesystems announced yesterday that they will employ Microsoft's Windows Media 9 technology into VOD delivery systems.
Moviesystem's platform, called NetCine, has business relationships with major European movie producers, such as Luc Besson's ("Fifth Element", etc..) Europa Corp. Service will be one of the first ones to offer high-quality streaming video on Net directly to consumers.

Source: Kaleva

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6 user comments

119.9.2002 19:46

Can't find any English translation of this page, even after clicking on 'In English'. No matter, I hate WMV anyway. -- Klingy --

220.9.2002 0:35

I tried Windows Media 9 with professional 5.1 WMA codec. Their video seems to be reasonably good, but their 5.1 sound which they claim to be superiour quality (like that of dolby digital) as low as 128kbps still sounds metallic at 192kbps. Also, the sound only came out the front two channels even though they said their codec is supported for my sound card (Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1).

320.9.2002 1:12

A_Klingon: Ah yes, I forgot to add "No, you _can't_ 'fish' this" :-) ('fish' as in '')

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

420.9.2002 5:51

Their making a mistake implementing WMV, a bit to late to affect their deccission now though.

521.9.2002 17:51

They (Moviesystems) probably didn't have a choice, Ghostdog. I expect that if they hadn't used Windows Media, with it's fierce DRM restrictions, Hollywood wouldn't have allowed them to stream their Wares. -- Mike --

622.9.2002 6:22

Good point. Even though alot of videos arenīt playing on my MP 6.4, I still donīt want to update to newer versions though it might help.

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