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Intertainer sues major movie studios

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 24 Sep 2002 15:00 User comments (1)

Small online venture, Intertainer, who offers pay-per-view movies over broadband Net connections to users' PCs or their digital cable boxes, has sued three major Hollywood studios and their owners.
Lawsuit has been filed against AOL TimeWarner, Sony and Vivendi Universal. Suit claims that these three movie studios have set up a conspiracy by not allowing Intertainer to license their content in order to use it in its service. According to Intertainer, this has been done to buy more time for Movielink, which is similiar venture as Intertainer, but is owned by major Hollywood studios -- including those three named in the lawsuit.


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126.9.2002 0:30

Good Lord! That's a Twister !!!! On the surface though, it seems that Hollywood would prevail. It's *their* property -- they hired the actors, they produced the films, they paid the bills. With smaller, independant film-makers and studios, it could be a whole different story though. HOW I would dearly love to see more, smaller, indies come 'up to the plate', and bat a few home runs for the public. We need more indies to at least begin counter-balancing the mega output of the mega studios. I would very much like to see these indies strike up reasonable deals with the internet providers. Together they could lead the way, and provide a good example for the Hollywood biggies. And a lot of any of that might never happen if a few of the big names don't get involved. I'd like to see folks like Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, and six million others, give the indies a shot. (Never gonna happen, right?) -- Mike --

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