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Pioneer DVR A05 specifications

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 24 Sep 2002 12:06 User comments (9)

Pioneer has managed to capture a major portion of the cosumer DVD recorder market. Now AVLAND has published the specs of upcoming A05 model.

Pioneer DVR-A05 4x DVD Burner Picture

-Plays pre-recorded DVD's & CD's
-Records on DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD-R & CD-RW Blank Media
-Makes discs that will play in most existing DVD players
-Uses the single layer 4.7GB DVD-RW (ReWritable) & Once only DVD-R System
-CD-R & CD-RW recoding & playback
-4x DVD-R and 2xDVD-RW speeds
-16x CD-R writing with 8x CD-RW writing
-Internal IDE drive
-Bundled with a full software pack


DVD Write speeds: 4x DVD-R (On 4x media), 2xDVD-RW
DVD ROM Read Speed: 12x, 6x with 4x DVD-R media (6x for 2x DVD-RW media) 2x with older DVD-R/W media
CD Write Speed: 16x CD-R, 8x CD-RW *Using hi-speed media"
CD-ROM Read Speed: 32xCD-ROM, 10x Audio
Playback: DVD-ROM and DVD Video, CD-ROM and CD-ROM XA, CD-DA and CD TEXT, Photo CD, Video CD, CD Extra
Buffer: 2MB
Dimensions: Width 148mm, Height 42.3mm, Depth 198mm
Weight: Approximately 1,100g
Compatible OS: Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (all with Above Pentium III 500MHz, 256MB Ram recommendation)

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9 user comments

124.9.2002 14:24

Just to clarify, it obviously reads DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs as well.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

225.9.2002 12:15

Why would you say it obviously reads dvd+r? It is a dvd-r/rw drive. I thought the formats weren't compatible with eachother.

325.9.2002 12:22

Ehh.. All DVD formats are compatible with each other when reading the discs. Plus and minus discs can't just be burned with wrong type of drive -- minus discs can be burned only with minus drives and plus discs only with plus drives. But both discs can be read with (virtually) all PC DVD drives.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

426.9.2002 12:10

Oh okay, I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you meant that this new drive will be able to burn both discs.

527.9.2002 6:43

But if you want a drive that can handle both formats and burn at 4x check out the Sony DRU-500A. :)

614.10.2002 6:17

Is this drive rated as highly as the Pioneer models ?

715.10.2002 17:48

newbie, shopping for a DVD/CD burner. have been told that Pioneer A05 or A04 is the way to go( have also been pointed towards QPS - Que)...i have an imac(G3)...will this work for me? i know it's in the G4 but ...all the paperwork(including the article above) is strictly PC what about Mac-sters...also, have been told that DVD-R(W) has advantages over DVD+R(W)...can anyone put that in a nutshell for me...can i get a good, relatively state of the art system for 500 bucks?thanks...

831.10.2002 0:29

there is a manual for the pioneer 105 available in pdf format here

Does your dvd player play DVD-R check out my guide on

91.11.2002 4:50

Soo where can you buy these suckers? supposedly they were 2 be out nov1..

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