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MPAA and RIAA threaten big companies

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2002 9:52 User comments (13)

MPAA and RIAA threaten big companies Major copyright owners' associations, including the notorious RIAA and MPAA, have sent letters to thousand biggest publicly listed American companies, warning them about file-swapping at work.
According to the letter, companies risk of getting sued if they don't control how their employees use their Net connections. Many employees use companies', normally high-speed, Internet connections in order to share and download pirated movies and music.


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13 user comments

126.10.2002 10:32

I think the MPAA and RIAA are going a bit too far into this. Yes, obviously laws are being broken as far as file swapping is concerned but where do they want to go next?? Send out letters to about 200,000,000 people worldwide and tell them that they could get sued for file swapping, I think not!!! I smell more trouble on the net over this (We all remember the very funny modifications made to the RIAA website a couple of moths back!!). Also, as far as p2p goes, if they take one down, 2 or 3 more will always go up and there's nothing they can do about that!!

227.10.2002 1:16

Re: the RIAA -- They have already LOST the p-to-p battle. And they know it. They also know what they HAVE to do to combat it, they're just very very slow in getting around to doing it. -- mgb --

327.10.2002 3:07

It´s these organization´s mission to battle piracy, file-sharing and such. They will be at it even if there is no chance of winning. Which I´m not saying there isn´t, but genarally I think the pirates have the lead.

427.10.2002 5:21

I'd say the Postmen near the RIAA headquarters are very busy & board of dealing with the same RIAA letter being sent to thousands of companies & ISPs. At least it keeps the postmen well paid. ;)

527.10.2002 16:56

I think that the RIAA should from now on be known as Richest Industry Accross America because they get soooooooo much money to battle ""Piracy"" and don't seem to do any good with it. Why spend so much on it while people are dieing and that money could do something good and not pay for a cause that will always loose!! Personally, I think that they should be locked up now because eventually, they will resort to law breaking tactics (such as those outlined in some of their proposals!). But if they are going to break the law by destroying privacy etc.. then what kind of message do you think they'll be sending? They're already saying "We have soo much but now we want more because we represent a greedy crowd whose greedy pockets will send some change our way if we win this!!". But anyway, I couldn't care about organisations like this because I live far away from them so ahem.. I must return to kazaa and get some more music, Please excuse me!!

628.10.2002 9:08

LLL, they spend all the money on stamps! And on letters that won´t do shizznitz.

729.10.2002 14:57

Maybe the RIAA should pay fines themselves for when the hackers put Pirated files on their very own site. Practice what you preach you schmuck. You can't have your cake and eat it too. After all isn't it just how Hitler got started with a following? Now the RIAA thinks they can take on every company and college in the US. Well I sure hope they have plenty of jail space! Voodoohippi (Defender of Free cyberspace)

830.10.2002 2:35

i was a ex microsoft employe when i go sued for sleeping will bills wife but that is a anthore story ppl but the police and big bill are going to far know if they dont the there will be a WWN (world wide NUKING)

930.10.2002 3:51

Actually they are right. Pirating is Illeagle. However if the whoever brings out the new cd's/tapes/records would do so with all new music instead of re-releasing old stuff with only 1-2 new songs it might be nice. Of course the Movie industry has gotten carried away with it's ticket prices, who can realy afford to pay their prices to see all the new releases. Maybe the Movie and Recording stars should take a giant cut in salaries. Then people might be able to see the Movies in theathers or purchase the cd's/Tapes/Records they release.

1030.10.2002 5:08

lol, 10 euro where i live to see a movie and if ive to pick between that and 0.... I think you know what i'd choose!

1130.10.2002 11:49

Not arguing with you on that. Live in USA and prices are $10+ for a movie ticket. New CD's run from $15.99 and up. Thank God for P2P.

1231.10.2002 6:35

Thank you record companies,NPAA and RIAA for alienating the youngsters! I’d just like to thank the RIAA and all those organizations who’ve decided to end P2P and Internet Radio. Now youngsters can only listen to the same ole crap that you decide is right to distribute over the Radio and Internet. Now the old classic artists will be in no competition with the New artists that you want us to run out and buy. I’d also like to thank all the Radio stations for not telling us what the artist and the name of the album that the song came from. With this new action we’ll be forced to listen to the Radio more often so that the RIAA can get more royalties. I think it is a wonderful thing that you’re doing. Keep up the good work in forming you’re monopoly. You will never have to lift a finger again while you sit on your fat ass and watch the money roll in so you can purchase that new weight reduction equipment. And also your lover will never be exposed to any competition from any older artists either. You can dictate what is right and wrong to purchase or listen to. And when you have a child, you can tell that child how you’ve taken over the competition and just how to look out for #1 yourself while you pretend to care about others. Also you can teach that child how to cheat, doctor books so it looks as if you’re a victim of society and get sympathy from government officials because they’ll never do actual research to prove otherwise. Man you guys are such a great example for the children of a new society. We all admire your persistence and endurance in your quest to rule the world with your ideas of what life will be like in the future when every citizen of the world practices the same tactics as yourselves. I hope you write books in the future and teach classes on how to form a legal monopoly so that every needy person in the world can get a leg up. I also hope that in your book you will have ways to deal with paranoia of others stealing your wealth from you. Voodoohippi (defender of free cyberspace)

131.11.2002 7:27

Damn Right!!

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