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Big crackdown on software pirates in the UK

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 28 Oct 2002 13:39 User comments (7)

Big crackdown on software pirates in the UK In UK, law enforcement officials made series of raids this morning in order to arrest more than 20 people associated to organized software and video game piracy.
According to officials, "Operation Andrew" was successful and officials seized almost 9,000 pirate master CDs.

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7 user comments

129.10.2002 7:17

I don't, for one minute, think the amounts of money these industries loose due to sofware 'theft' are anywhere near realistic. Most of the users of pirate material simply would not buy it if it were not so cheap, or only used it infrequently. I, like most honest people, am willing to try software for a reasonable period and buy it if it's worth it. Trouble is, in 30 days I may only use the software one (or not at all in the case of one piece software I BOUGHT 2 months ago) if it's too complicated and needs a lot of spare time to get to grips with it. I bet they don't loose a thousanth of what they say/think.

229.10.2002 12:16

Uh Oh!!!!! Time to clear half my computer so! Nah, the police here couldn't catch a cold in Alaska so I'm fine!! Not that I take part in piracy or anything!!

329.10.2002 14:18

sounds more like they are going after those people who crack bundle and sell software, not casual kazaa users who only download software and movies that they already own.. *wink* *wink*

"I'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.." -Morpheus

430.10.2002 1:02

they're after the source of it all. the release groups who crack/hack and publish the games/apps/movies or what ever, on the internet.

530.10.2002 2:33

fuck you police we, rule and that is a fact you may take us down but we will never stop "copying" lol

630.10.2002 12:14

It looks like these guys weren't pirating for the fun of it, they made 9000 copies??? Well looks like what we should all learn from this is to only make around 8000 copies. Ya know its kinda like the speed limit here in the U.S; take your five.

715.4.2004 5:43

9000 master copies. i.e. original copies that are real. well if they are teh type of pirates that sell all teh stuff and crap they deserve what they get. if they were a release group (which i doubt) i feel for them. piracy isnt a big deal in my eyes. and neways, they cant catch us all, afterall were all alike

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