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DVDXCopy v1.2.2 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 06 Dec 2002 0:50 User comments (29)

DVDXCopy v1.2.2 released 321Studios has been busy over the last couple of days fixing some of the issues found in DVDXCopy v1.2 and in the v1.2.1 patch released after that.
Now they've released a latest version which fixes various installation problems that might effect on other software items installed on the same system. Latest version is DVDXCopy v1.2.2.

More info: DVDXCopy

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29 user comments

16.12.2002 1:27

I just keep adding these ongoing 25+ meg executables (averaging a new one every few days now) to a cdrw for backup purposes, until such time as dvdxcopy will support Win-98. Perhaps by then the program will be more finalized, and it won't be necessary for so many new incarnations. Then I can pop the champagne cork and break out one of the activation numbers 321 kindly sent to me as an (almost) beta tester. :) How about yourself? Received new burner yet? Tried dvdxcopy out yourself yet? Here's a chore for you: An *official*, bonafide, dRD-written, a/D article/guide entitled, "Backing Up Your DVDs Using DVDXCopy". Have Fun! :-) [exiting quickly, if not gracefully] -- Mike --

26.12.2002 2:24

Yep, got my A05 a week ago and has worked nicely. Had some stupid installation issues with v1.2 of DVDXCopy, namely the drivers "weren't found from the installation package" and got solved that by installing v1.1 first and then installing v1.2 on top of that. But other than that, no issues except the one with Disney's Hercules I mentioned in the DVDXCopy forums. And I guess either you bow and go to W2k or new iceage comes before the W98 version ships ;-) (although I know 321's reasoning for this and I think that there are more important things to tweak than trying to play with non-functioning Windows functionality in W98)

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Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

36.12.2002 8:00

I cannot make good copies using dvdx copy I am using windows 2000 sp-3 dvdr star 2000 dvd rw pioneer dvr 104 I can create dvd using ulead dvd workshop. I can copy dvds using primo prassi. They play well on my toshiba sd 6109c I cannot create dvds using this package that plays in my dvd player. I can do this however. Using a single dvd (one that has less than 4.7 gig of data), I can start the program. When it comes to the part to burn a copy, I can copy the data files to another location. Using those files I can create a good dvd using primo prassi. Continuing on with dvdx copy I cannot create good dvds for my toshiba using either the default burner of the nero burner which I have the latest version. I will try version 1.2.2 today.

46.12.2002 13:48

Oh dear, dRD may be right (regarding Win-98 ---> Win-2k), but I'm not changing yet. Everything else I have (and I do mean everything) runs smoothly with W98. I also can burn (DVD5s, single-layer-only, alas), using Primo Prassi, or Nero, or DVD Decrypter, or IFOEdit. Since I can't run dvdxcopy, I can't try the Gearworks burning engine, (which I believe is going to be discontinued anyway) or split DVD9s - still struggling with ifoedit on that one. Since Derrow is now incorporating his routines within dvdxcopy, I'm not even certain how long ifoedit, as a standalone program, is going to be around. I want Blue Laser, Icarros !!! (DVD-Splitting issues would *vanish* !) -- Mike --

56.12.2002 14:05

I want Blue Laser, Icarros !!! (DVD-Splitting issues would *vanish* !)
Wishful thinking, I'm betting on the fact that we'll see dual-layer blue-laser releases and the home-recordable ones will be only single layer versions :-)
Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

66.12.2002 14:36

Of course! (Well, maybe). I mean, we'll likely see *something* fiercly-restrictive about blue-laser, the gentle Hollywood motion-picture Thugs will see to that. Doesn't matter, Petteri - we'll have good people like Derrow, perhaps 321, and all kinds of other people coming up with innovative software to get around whatever built-in restrictions they shove at us. I have a LOT of faith in them. I'm not worried about commercial dual-layer blue-laser releases. (Now *you're* just guessing -- drinking too much coffee, my friend), but oh yeah, they'll find *something* or other to screw up the works. But any present dvd (dual-layer or not) will be child's play for blue laser. Interesting times ahead! Is AfterDawn up to the task? (Of course!) There's plenty enough technical wizardry coming down the pike to keep a/D going for decades. I'd start looking for a good pension plan for your (core) a/D moderators and founding members; start offering them employee benefits, give out vacation time, set up new digs, become incorporated, and go mainstream with publicly-offered shares. <hee-hee> -- Klingy --

76.12.2002 17:59

Is this really worth the 100.00, compared to using freeware with 4 steps

86.12.2002 22:43

I think it's worth the 10 clams to burn with less effort. I sure as heck have more stuff to play with on my puter then just spending the whole day doing one DVD copy with all those programs. Just MHO I would rather see a Linux port before they waste time with Win98 which is just another resource hog like anything from microsoft

97.12.2002 1:20

jaa52: IF: a) You don't mind watching an additional 321 disclaimer b) You don't mind paying the cost of two blank dvds for a single movie c) 321 gets all the bugs worked out (be patient) d) Swapping dvds in the middle of a movie doesn't turn you off e) You want the least headaches and fewest button clicks THEN...... Yes, I think it's worth $100, as long as the software is permanent and won't require a lot of $$ for future upgrades. BearBear: "Thrrrppphhhhhhhhh......" -- Klingy, the 98'er --

107.12.2002 1:54

Actually to clarify couple of things -- if the main movie fits on one disc, DVDXCopy normally puts the main movie on one disc and extras to the second and you can skip burning the second disc (and can avoid the switching of disc) -- unfortunately nowadays the the mein movie tends to take more than 5GB of space, so the splitting is unavoidable in any case.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

118.12.2002 18:18

OK A-Klingon , Win98 geez! why not get a real OS for that computer? first opportunity I get I'll drop microcrap like a hot tamale, however I use to may graphics programs that are just for Windows or the mac.And everyone knows the mac is an overrated over priced propritary excuse for a puter.Even apple knows that unix is a more stable os by releasing thier new OS X Hey klingy I have a new upgrade to WinXp home in the box never activated, I can make you a great deal on it... Why coutinue to use outdated crappy software, when you can have current crappy software, that is just a little bit less crappy?

128.12.2002 20:55

<heh heh> BearBear, I wouldn't argue at all that Linux is an awesome OS, and at least 4,872 times more honest and bullshit-free than anything Microsoft will ever come up with. But to quote the Ogre "Shrek" in the movie of the same name, "I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed". When I looked at Linux about a year ago (red-hat version, I believe it was called), it scared the sh-- out of me. I even thought about running a special Linux version in a Windows-environment just to see what it was like, but I chickened out. <gg> (I'm really handy at the dos command-line though, but that's about as far as it goes). -- Mike --

139.12.2002 8:36

Sorry to ask a stupid question to you guys - but as a non-techie, i was wondering if DVD copying sofware works on store-bought or rented DVDs (like from NetFlix)? I've heard they put some kind of anti-duplicating stuff on it... Thanks in advance, Toma

149.12.2002 8:45

Yes, it works. That's exactly where it is meant for -- backing up the store-bought DVDs you own.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

159.12.2002 9:39

A little birdie once told me that dvdxcopy works *best* with the FREE dvds you can borrow from your local library! ;-) --mgb--

169.12.2002 14:15

Hi, I am interested in dvdxcopy but being based in the uk I have a few questions. 1. How compatible is the current version with PAL format. 2. If I remove the menu option etc. can I write to a single disk, or am I always/most of the time going to have to write to two disks. 3. In the postings it mentions a 321 header, is this always there, or can it be removed. regards Ian

179.12.2002 15:01

1. All my PAL copies have worked. I'm based in the UK as well. 2. About 50-70% of the discs need to be split to 2 discs. 3. It's always there due legal reasons.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

189.12.2002 17:21

Are the DVDs that you can rent from Blockbuster or NetFlix the same (protection-wise) as the kinds you buy?

199.12.2002 17:53

TomaToma.....dude! WTFleek is your problem. Read more forums. SHhhhhhhhhh!


209.12.2002 19:25

Hey Klingy ! you can stop being scared now buddy. a linux distro in language even a Win98 user can understand without his captian crunch decoder ring

2110.12.2002 0:37

<heh-heh> BearBear, you're somehing else! :-) I can see you're a Linux connessieur. I was fumbling for the correct phrase to describe a <version> of Linux, when the proper phrase is actually 'Linux Distribution'. If you know at least that much, (and you do), then you're a Linux devotee. My friend, I am struggling so hard right now with basic ifoedit dvd-authoring, including all the associated ancillary programs that can and do go along with it's use, that I fear I have not nearly the time (or the inclination, alas, - not your fault, I assure you) - to learn the nuts-&-bolts workings of a new (and admittedly powerful) but most unfamiliar (to me) New Operating System. The 'Lindows' site, <catchy name!>, was designed for people who may be wavering with their Win.* systems; those 'teetering on the edge' so-to-speak, and perhaps "torn" about which way to go. Learning Linux right now, and you'll have to admit that for n00bees, there is a *lot* to learn, including the most basic and necessary of command-line commands, is not something I can allot any time to right now. I am having a bitch enough of a time right now just trying to figure out how to author multiple, elemetary .m1v and .m2v, .mp2 (or) .mpa streams to dvd with ifoedit (I can author single files to .vobs, but not multiple), without having to learn how to get Linux to recognize my drives, or learn all-new foreign line commands, or set-up my monitor correctly, or search for necessary drivers, or wondering if my printer will still work, or asking my ISP provider when (if ever) they plan to come up with a Linux version of the software I need in order to get online, or replace all the audio/video software that I have become infinatly familiar with, or to re-configure my whole system (all over again), or abandon in a wholesale way, all of the knowledge and successes that I have painstakingly gained over the years, etc. etc. etc. There would need to be 85 hours in a day for me to accomplish this. Until I can achieve what I need (and fully intend) to accomplish with DVD, adding yet another workload (like wading through the steep learning-curve necessary to master Linux) is not an option for me. But thank you for the link !! I will definately take a more thorough Tour through the Halls of the Lindows Site, if time permits. -- Klingy --

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2210.12.2002 1:02

most isp's support Lindows, haven't found one that didn't yet, I'm on Earthlink dsl here. As for what hardware works there is a list at the Lindows site.As for how to get it to recognize your drives? LOL It does it all on it's own in about 7 mins for a complete install to logging on if you already have an isp.Seriously my computer illeterate mother wouldn't be lost. I only use windows now for my graphics stuff, Adobe photoshop, Corel draw and a few others.I won't buy a mac for graphics because I can't build it fix it myself. If I can only talk rh moore into porting to linux now! hehe shouldn't be to difficult , I read he's an ex-marine

2310.12.2002 1:24

Well, for me, it's kind-of like the by-line of the 'Expert Guides' offered on this site, "So much to learn, so little time". <gg> Can't squeeze it in BearBear. Can't. (That's what *she* said) <ahem, .. joke>. (You wouldn't know right off the top of your head, would you, how to author multiple video files onto a dvd with ifoedit?) If Linux will do that for me, I'll reconsider. I must now scour this site, doom9s, vcdhelper's, divxdigest's, and a few others, visit an ifoedit forum or two, do some google web searches, and maybe curse a little bit about the fact that ifo-genius, Derrow, (one of my heroes), doesn't include more information than he does, on his own site. Later.........

2410.12.2002 15:27

I'll see what I can do to help you find the info about authoring multiple video files onto a dvd with infoedit.I have lots of time on my hands.I'm a disabled ex-Paramedic and can't work except behind the keyboard so with the exception of a few web site projects hanging with the computer is pretty much my social outlet during the day. I know many are disapointed that Derrow is fully comitted to DVDXcopy but what a great opportunity for him He has given so much to freeware and now it's paying off for him.

2510.12.2002 23:34

Oh my gosh (!) BearBear, that is most, *most* kind of you, but I assure you, it's not necessary! (It'll take you forever, I swear). Unless you were genuinely attempting to do the same thing yourself, it just ain't worth it. Methods have to improve; software has to improve; multiple layers of options have to be reduced, less radio-buttons, less check-boxes, fewer drop-down menus, fewer tabs to take you to yet *more* FULL screen's-worth of options - software users and writers alike are going to have to focus-focus-focus. Right now, people are all-over-the-map desperately trying to achieve reasonably-reliable audio/video sync, jerkiness-free motion, figure out bitrates, dvd-compliant formats, bla-bla-bla. Doom9's ifo-edit forum alone is rife with desperate encoders pulling clomps of hair out of their heads. If you do manage to transcode a collection of dvd-sourced video files into a full dvd that will play back sufficiently well enough so that you don't throw up when trying to watch it, you have "truly arrived". Honest to god, I've recently gone back to making VideoCDs again. What I once thought was a pain-in-the-ass is now, actually, child's-play in comparison. dRD's "VCD to DVD" guide, leaves off where the true miseries actually *begin* to take form. <sigh.......> It's no small wonder people are flocking to dvdxcopy. We could all use a *break*. Take care BearBear. Much appreciation to a fellow a/D-er. -- Klingy --

2611.12.2002 2:10

Hi again np on the offer to help. I have some old buddies that are great programmers and I've managed to generate a little intrest with a few of them.I'm resolved to find a starting point like Derrow found and see what we can do.You never know what a bunch of old hippies can do! LOL I'm sure there is a starting point in a solution that was attempted for open source.

2711.12.2002 2:29

LOVE IT !!! "Bunch of old hippies" are my mostest-bested favourite-est people ! Sgt. Pepper's! Easy Rider ! Volkswagon beetles. Psychedelia. Summer Of Love. Woodstock. Mamas & Papas. Monkees. Strawberry Alarm Clock. Iron Butterfly. Ed Sullivan. Need I go on? Cheech And Chong Even !! (I'm 49). No pony tail, though. :-)

2818.1.2003 20:58

ok guys. i really need your help. i made a perfect backup with dvdxcopy on a pioneer 104. everything was smooth until i tried playing it on my samsung s222. it said check tv system. i had another dvd-r i burnt with sonic and it worked, so plz some one help

2918.1.2003 23:31

Please post your DVDXCopy problems to DVDXCopy forums, not here. Forums are at

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

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