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Liquid Audio will dissolve

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 06 Dec 2002 6:45 User comments (3)

Liquid Audio will dissolve Liquid Audio, one of the online music pioneers, will disappear soon. Company's board of directors has voted to dissolve the company and return the remaining assets to company's shareholders.
Company has been known one of the first companies to develop legal methods of delivering and selling music online in digital format. Company sold its DRM technology to Microsoft earlier this year for $7M.


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3 user comments

17.12.2002 3:37

Boo hoo. What a shame. I is so so sad. [dabbing teary eyes]. Breaks my heart. Oh dear, whatever shall I do with my old Liquid Audio player now? (File it alongside my old 8-track tapes and RCA CED laserdiscs I guess). "Thtwweerrrpppp!" [blowing nose] Sure am glad I wasn't one of their shareholders. Actually, this ought to serve as a wakeup call to all the purveyors and makers of DRM-inhibited music-files, including those by M$. L.A. : R.I.P. -- Mike --

211.12.2002 13:53

there there A_Klingon. Who knew that the "Liquid" in Liquid Audio was short for "Liquidation?!" :-)

311.12.2002 21:34

<sniff sniff> Thanks, rick. You is a nice fellah. (my poor widdle klingy eyes is all red and sore). Liquid Audio. Worst damned thing ever invented next to .wma. They deserve each other. -- mgb --

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