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DVDXCopy v1.3 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2002 15:38 User comments (12)

DVDXCopy v1.3 released 321Studios just released the latest version of their DVD to DVD-R (as well as DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW) software, DVDXCopy.
New version, DVDXCopy v1.3 has couple of much-requested enhancements, most notably a fully-integrated burning engine of Ahead NERO. The changelog is here:

  • Full integration of the new, advanced burning engine
  • New low calorie download: The full installation of DVDXCopy is now just over three megabytes.
  • Advanced Options on the main screen lets you set Player compatibility mode to be either UDF/ISO or just UDF. Just UDF mode helps some players recognize DVD+RW discs as valid media (although UDF/ISO is the correct selection by DVD specs).
  • New "no questions asked" mode for users who have separate DVD writer and DVD-ROM drives. You can now put the output disk in your writer and the source disk in your reader and check the "Output disk is ready" box and once the first disc is processed, it will start burning it immediately to the blank disc in writer drive. After that, program will continue by processing the disc 2. Now the checkbox is unselected again, but you can switch the burned disc 1 to a new blank disc and check the box again while the software processes disc 2 and it will do the 2nd burning automatically as well.
  • DVDXCopy now remembers what drive was last used to burn, and will automatically attempt to use that drive again.

You can get the DVDXCopy from here.

More information: DVDXCopy Support Forums

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12 user comments

115.12.2002 0:19

I downloaded version 1.3 and registration notified me that it was successful. However when trying to use the version, it brings me back to the registration page and I cannot get passed this. I did uninstall version1.2.1 before downloading and installing the latest. Anyone encountered this prob? Suggestions please. Thanks.

215.12.2002 13:00

I have gone to the website to find the update available for download but have not been able to find it. Is there another location where it is available? I have had no problems with version 1.2


315.12.2002 17:37

I need the drivers to install for verison 1.3 .. can someone help..

416.12.2002 0:07

No pun intented fellas, but this is kinda like "news" section, discussion about the news etc. You would get help faster and without annoying remarks from "young farts" (cause old fart is nada possible for me, when considering average age of forumites here) like me if you would post your questions to appropriate section of this forum..;)

516.12.2002 1:53

useing a philips dvd+r/200 drive with intenso dvd+r media. useing dvdxcopy 1.3, copyed rollerball with dvdxcopy 1.3 on two disc copying process gose ok and when finish i put the copyed movies back in the computer and disc 1 comes up with no media on the disc and disc two come up with unsupported media. using powerDVD for xp. please help this is the second movie i've done the first one didn't work either.

616.12.2002 2:43

gmr5874, Hi, I use the Philps 1208 drive to write on Philips DVD+RW and Imation DVD+RWs without any probs. They even play on my standalone player w/o [probs. Maybe you should try another berand of dvd media. Also check that you standalone player plys the format you are writing on. Hope it helps. I have been writing using 1.2.1. 1.3 would'nt install properly as of my above thread. Still waiting for tech support from Afterdawn.

717.12.2002 9:00

I don't mean to be one to state the obvious, but if someone is smart enough to rip, encode, or even use a computer for simple tasks, you would think that individual could run a simple spell check or at least TRY to display literacy. Come on, guys!!!


81.1.2003 14:42

Q1: DVDxCopy work in Windows XP? Q2: DVDxCopy, copy DVDs with more 4.7 GB?

93.1.2003 1:55

DVDXCopy DOES work in Windows XP. And no, it will not burn more then 4.7 GB on one disc. If the originating disc is dual-layered, then it will require you to utilize two discs instead of one and change discs in mid-burn.


106.1.2003 13:00

I still don't understand how to preview sections of the dvd before copying! i have the new V1.3 installed.


117.1.2003 10:38

Have a lot of problems with 1.3 and 1.2.2 even when you call support the line is busy all the time. I don't think they are ready with this software they have a lot of work. Curious if I get a refund?? Pat

127.1.2003 11:13

Please list some of the problems your having pat

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