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Prosecution changes charges in DeCSS case -- in middle of the case

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2002 16:39 User comments (4)

Prosecution changes charges in DeCSS case -- in middle of the case In very, very weird legal issue, the prosecution, representing the people of Norway, has presented amended charges against Jon Johansen in the case that's well-known as the "DeCSS case".
According to various Norwegian sources, the changes in the charges mostly add new aspects to the prosecution's case. Most notably, prosecution wanted to add charges that Johansen also cracked code that revealed a repository of protection keys.

At first, Johansen's defence opposed the changes, but because raising a formal objection would mean that the defence would also have to present fresh evidence against the new charges and that would delay the case, the defence counsel dropped the formal objections at this point.

The delays in the case, all of them caused by the prosecution, have pushed the case's closing arguments to be presented on next week's Monday instead of this week's Friday.

Source: Aftenposten

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4 user comments

115.12.2002 0:55

This whole thing is very sick. It should never have come to be. The only possible thing that I can see, is that Hollywood, if "successful", will be able to say, "Ha! I told you so!", or something equally stupid. I guess (???) they are just trying to prove a point, because they will never "recoup" lost 'damages' from Jon. If they send him to jail, I am going to throw up. I am already throwing up. I am disgusted with the MPAA and they, as well as the Norwegian prosecutors ("representing the _people_ of Norway" MY ASS!!) should hang their heads in shame. What a travesty! -- Mike --

215.12.2002 3:10

Furthermore, if MPAA and its representatives gets their case through, norweigean tax payers (= the people walking on the streets) will eventually pay the bill. Or are someone claiming that "superfluous" Jon is going to make it all paid?:D Sortly, future scene: Some geek cracks just another crappy copy "protection", wrong finnish geek sued, MPAA sues and wins and eventually I'll pay? Now that sounds just nice future..:D God damnit! (sorry 'bout swearing)

315.12.2002 3:16

Yeah I was sort of wondering about that myself, Klingon. Its funny how they represent the people of Norway, even though -I bet- the people of Norway are on Jons side.

415.12.2002 5:55

The MPAA are doin all this for no reason because they wont get nuthing out of it in the end only the thought that they put a man to jail when there is no point really!

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