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More about 16x DVD recording...

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 Dec 2002 8:10 User comments (7)

We already published a little news blurp about the laser optics suitable for 16x speed DVD recording, but now I just found a PCWorld article on the topic that gives one a lot more information.
Each bump in the speed of optical drives means the laser, which is used to create the light beam that burns data into the disc, has to be made more powerful. When DVD writers first came out, they required 50 milliwatt lasers. The jump to 2X speeds required a 70 milliwatt laser and, beyond today's 4X drives, the next generation of 8X drives will need a 140 milliwatt laser. Such products are already well on the way to being commercialized.

For users, the eventual arrival of 16X drives will bring big benefits. At that speed drives will be capable of writing data at 176 megabits per second (mbps) which means a complete 4.7GB DVD disc can be written in three and a half minutes, according to Mitsubishi. That compares with around 14 minutes for today's fastest 4X drives and almost an hour for a first-generation drive.

Samples of the new laser are expected to become available in June 2003. With the introduction of the new laser, Mitsubishi says it expects its monthly laser production to increase from the current 1 million to 1.5 million during 2003 and reach 2 million units in 2004.

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7 user comments

130.12.2002 8:38

That's quite an increase compaired to CD Burners at their time.

21.1.2003 13:48

Good,but bad,I was just getting used my 4x Sony writer....

32.1.2003 19:04

I just got the 4x Sony Writer 500a and I noticed that 4x media is expensive. Ruffrob I am sure the 16x media will be at least 4 times more expensive than 4x media.

44.1.2003 18:11

Well at least the 4X media will come down in price when the 16X comes out...

55.1.2003 6:23

I read on a board somewhere last week (can't remeber exactly where) that 8X burning should be commercially available by the middle of this year (2003) Not long now....... HomerJ

65.1.2003 14:53

go to www.meritline .com,for cheap 4x media

76.1.2003 12:20

Im sure that the dvd media for these drives will be just as big of a break through as the drives them selfs. (great point Joeflux)I have a pionner ao5 and the 4x media for it costs a fortune I wonder what this media will cost. On the other hand, these drives almost garentee price drops on 2x & 4x blank dvd media. so hury up and start the revolution!


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