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Mitsubishi introduces 4x DVD-R media

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 30 Dec 2002 11:56 User comments (3)

Mitsubishi Chemicals is on the edge with DVD-R technology. Now they are the first to introduce 4x speed media.
TOKYO, JAPAN (Dec. 25, 2002) -- Mitsubishi Chemical Media Co., Ltd., (MKM) today announced the launch of a new lineup of 4x DVD-R discs for video and data use. The new products will be available at selected retail outlets in Japan from early February 2003.

MKM spokesman and CIO Shigeru Tamura said, "Our new 4x DVD-R discs will offer superior compatibility, and most DVD-ROM drives, DVD players, and game computers should be able to use them. We think these discs will serve as excellent media for recording of video images and data backup. They can be used as library media, or they can act as media for distribution."
The new DVD-R discs are based on MKM's proprietary DYN-AZO technology, which produces recording layers with 5%greater power margin and 20% better recording sensitivity than current MKM 2x DVD-R discs. This assures stable yet faster recording, achieving the same accuracy as other discs get with 1-2x recording and boosting compatibility between discs and 4x high-speed writers. In addition, the company uses the precision molding technology it proved with production of high-speed CD-R and CD-RW discs to make sure the new DVD-R 4x discs are the ideal flat shape.

"For the video discs, we use a transparent film wrapping that allows the customer to see the label," said Tamura. "That helps them differentiate among discs in retail displays. Besides regular discs and packs, we'll offer inkjet printable discs as well, and the printable discs will offer a broader area to print on." He also noted that the printable discs do not feature see-through wrapping.

The new 4x DVD-R disc lineup will include six items for video use and four items for data use. Tamura said the new products would bolster the total MKM lineup, enabling them to meet an even broader range of customer needs.

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3 user comments

11.1.2003 3:39

What presently available drives will support the 4x speed? I haave the latest Sony and Ricoh drives.

22.1.2003 19:05

Sony has a free patch for you to record 4x DVD-R and DVD+R go to the sony site. I have the latest 500a and that one has the capability.

37.1.2003 11:25

every body stop what your doing and go buy pioneers dvr-105 its a sweat peice of machine!


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