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Johansen will have to face the appeals court

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 20 Jan 2003 1:20 User comments (1)

Johansen will have to face the appeals court In a very unsurprising move, Norway's "white-collar crime" unit, Økokrim has decided to appeal the court decision earlier this month where the Norwegian court found that Jon Johansen didn't break the law when he allegedly "created" the controversial DeCSS tool.
According to Johansen's counsel, this wasn't a suprprise move. "There were signals from Økokrim quite early, that they would appeal and that they see this case as dealign with an important principle. We believe that the first verdict was extremely thorough, but that doesn't prevent them from appealing," he told to the press.

Source: Aftenposten

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1 user comment

122.1.2003 04:34

Økokrim....I wonder if they also investigate companies in Norway, such as we have here in America, namely Encon? You guys are wasting your time with this appeal. This kid beat the crap out of you in court and the populous is all for him. I doubt if even Johnny Cochrane would handle this appeal. Now all you have to worry about is whether or not any appeals personnel would be on the take. Best to All! Rodgers

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