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IRC networks pulling the plug from file trading

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Feb 2003 8:24 User comments (3)

Two IRC networks (IRC == Internet Relay Chat, a protocol which was developed before the WWW was born) have announced restrictions on file trading in their networks. One of the biggest IRC networks, DALnet, announced on last week that they wont allow IRC channels that are meant only for file trading purposes and will kick such channels out of the network.
Apparently the MPAA has contacted several network admins in various IRC networks and asked them to take more proactive approach in fight against piracy. One minor IRC network called has announced that it will close down channels if it receives official DMCA complaints from the copyright owners, such as the MPAA and RIAA.


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3 user comments

110.2.2003 13:12

i believe it is shi0t.. notice that more networks will just popup? just like more p2p's


211.2.2003 12:03

Damn MPAA, they just love their money don't they?? tell you what guys, why dont we all just get rid of vcr's or anything we can record video with oh and then we will get rid of cassette recorders for the RIAA too, fuck it, lets just throw technology back 10 years altogether shall we just to get these idiots to shutup! Somehow I don't think thats going to happen!

311.2.2003 12:49

technically.. even though they maybe able to get their precious money back through asking irc networks to stop file trading bill clinton signed the internet privacy act.. so they can't prosecute anyone in the warez rooms.. or they shouldn't be able to.. damn mpaa cock biters :/


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