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Acacia goes to court with streaming patent claims

Written by Jari Ketola @ 14 Feb 2003 13:42 User comments (4)

Acaia Media Technologies, the company that has claimed to own patents to various technologies used in delivering content over the Internet, on Friday said it is going to court to test its case for the first time.
The company has been seeking licensing revenue from several adult entertainment companies for months. It has now filed a total of 39 patent infringement suits against those companies in federal court.

Acacia's patents cover such basic features of the Web as frames, hyperlinks and e-commerce shopping baskets. It is now seeking to obtain license fees from major sites using these features. They have also obtained patents that, according to their lawyers, cover all on-demand transmissions of compressed video and audio over the Internet, cable TV lines, satellite-links and wireless services.

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4 user comments

115.2.2003 8:21

So a company has owned the patents to some of the World Wide Webs most basic features, and all of a sudden they want money for them? Things like frames and hyperlinks should be free features.

215.2.2003 15:50

Why isn't there a suit against Acacia for deliberately trying to monopolize knowledge and get people's money. They did state that they have looked for patents in this purpose. Can't the laws against trusts or racket be used against them ?


315.2.2003 15:54

Wait... Acacia is charging commercial websites for using web technologies to make money (the commercial sites), but would they ask Afterdawn to pay while it is not making money ? And anyway since they always ask a percentage of the sales, 1 % of zero is zero...


417.2.2003 8:45

It should be interesting to watch this unfolding drama materialize. Looks like everyone is going to get a piece of this action. Best to All! Rodgers

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