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Nero does NET

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Feb 2003 11:41 User comments (1)

Nero does NET Ahead Software has published a Release Candidate version of their upcoming NeroNET software. NeroNET is a client / servers software that gives IP network users access to recordable drives. So it efficiently shares a drive for a number of workstations and makes physically centralized burning possible.
We have previously seen similar approach by Padus with their DiscJuggler.NET

NeroNET is a network-capable extension of the Nero burner program, which can be used in an IP-capable Intranet. The aim is to give all Intranet users easy access to all available recorders.

DownloadIf you want to be a participant in the free NeroNET Customer Preview Program you are entitled to use a copy of the NeroNET Server Release Candidate 1 (RC1).

NeroNET Server and NeroNET Client

In this system NeroNET consists of two components: NeroNET Server and NeroNET Client. As NeroNET Server, it will run on all computers with burner capability. ('Burn servers'). NeroNET Client runs on one users computer. If the burn server is also equipped with a printer, the newly burned CD can also be matched with the appropriate label, made possible by the accompanying Nero Cover Designer.

The Nero version that you are already familiar with represents the Client and is extended by the NeroNET (Server) version

How does NeroNET work?

NeroNET is the client/server version of Nero. It combines the functionality of Nero with a client/server technology used by many companies to connect their computers to a network. A user can work from any given workstation at which NeroNET is installed, create his own combination, initiate burning and send the corresponding label to the burner server. Initially, the user creates an image of the medium and its label locally at their own workstation.

Ahead Software

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117.2.2003 8:51

A great company with lots of expertise. Appears to me that Ahead is really....ahead! My best wishes for their continued success. Rodgers

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